How Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson helped ex-Man City manager cheat to win Fantasy Football league

Sir Alex Ferguson helping someone with a connection to Manchester City through his team selection choice might sound like a highly unlikely prospect – but on one occasion it helped aid a Fantasy Football league triumph.

Those of us who dabble in Fantasy Football know the highs and lows it can bring and selection decisions are a big part of that.

Nailing a choice and then seeing it flourish as your triple captain decision pays off, your defenders bag clean sheet bonuses or your goalkeeper save a penalty or two to boost their score is incredibly satisfying.

On the other hand, seeing half your team rake in one and two points each is par for the course the odd week

In real life, managers tend to keep team selection choices a closely guarded secret to give them the optimum chance of success, but every so often can give away that a certain player will feature.

Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex did just that when speaking to ex-Man City manager Stuart Pearce when he was manager of England under-21s.

Psycho, as he was known thanks to his playing style, asked Sir Alex if he would select Chris Smalling or Phil Jones for a United game, with ex-City boss Pearce intending to see them in action with the Young Lions squad in mind.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Stuart Pearce. (Credit: Getty)

But Pearce has revealed this question was not with England in mind – but rather helping him and his son Harley triumph in a school Fantasy Football league.

Pearce said: “I done Fantasy Football with my son Harley, he was eight years old at the time, and they done it at the school with all the kids and all the teachers.

“We worked our way up the league to that final week where it was my son Harley and the headmaster were neck and neck at the top of the table.

“I think we were one point behind. I picked the phone up to Alex Ferguson on the Wednesday before this game on the Saturday and I asked him the question under the guise of the England under-21 manager ‘who are you going to be playing – Jones or Smalling in the back, because I’m thinking of coming to the game to watch them?’

“He told me which one he was going to play. I transferred a player, that player went into our Fantasy team and we won.

“I hang my head in shame now, but we won by a point because we got a clean sheet.

“All I can say in my defence is ‘Championes, championes!'”

If only Sir Alex had known the real reason behind it.

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