IShowSpeed was filled with excitement upon meeting Neymar after PSG’s encounter with Al Nassr

Neymar has recently joined the list of football stars who have had an enthusiastic encounter with iShowSpeed, following Paris Saint-Germain’s pre-season friendly against Al Nassr.

iShowSpeed, an American football fan, has remarkably transformed his passion into a profession, gaining significant popularity on social media.

His love for Cristiano Ronaldo and his unique take on the “Siuuu” goal celebration have contributed to his immense following.

Speed had been eager to meet the five-time Ballon d’Or winner but faced several unsuccessful attempts during Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United.

However, his determination paid off last month when he finally had a chance to meet his idol while Ronaldo was playing for Portugal.

On Tuesday, during Al Nassr’s match against PSG, the 18-year-old, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, had the opportunity to witness his hero play, although Neymar was on the bench and didn’t take the field.

After the game, Speed and Neymar shared a selfie and even danced together, commemorating the special moment, as you can see in the video below.

The former Barcelona star has endured a rather challenging period in recent months due to a lengthy injury that has kept him out of action since February.

Adding to his woes, fans of the Ligue 1 champions expressed their discontent by marching outside his residence, urging him to depart the club towards the end of the previous season.

Rumors have circulated that the club is eager to offload him during this summer transfer window, and some Premier League clubs have been linked with potential interest.

However, the player’s substantial wages have posed a significant obstacle for the club in finding a suitable transfer destination, despite the financial resources available in the Saudi Pro League.

As a result, a move away from Parc des Princes has proven to be challenging thus far.

Off the pitch life also isn’t too good for the 31-year-old either, who’s had to pay £2.6 million to Brazilian authorities because of his house.

Neymar was on the bench but didn’t get on against Al Nassr. Image: Getty

Neymar didn’t get on the pitch as his side drew 0-0 with Ronaldo’s current side, in a match that Kylian Mbappe missed after being left at home for the tour.

Speed has been a pretty busy boy this week as he was also in attendance to see Lionel Messi’s first game in America for Inter Miami.

The Ronaldo fanboy sold out in favour of MLS’ newest star as he claimed he would support Messi if he managed to bury the game winning free kick just seconds before it was taken.

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