Jamie Carragher and Erling Haaland engage in a humorous exchange during the post-match interview

Jamie Carragher and Erling Haaland shared a humorous exchange during the post-match interview following Manchester City’s victory against Burnley.

On Friday night, Manchester City initiated their Premier League campaign with an ideal start by securing a comfortable 3-0 triumph against the recently promoted Burnley side.

By halftime, Pep Guardiola’s squad had secured a 2-0 lead, with Haaland finding the back of the net in the sixth and 35th minutes.

In the second half, Rodri extended City’s lead further by capitalizing on a ball that came his way within the penalty area.

Amid the post-match interview, a lighthearted moment unfolded between Jamie Carragher and Erling Haaland.

After the match, Haaland was being interviewed by Sky Sports and shared a brilliant moment with former Liverpool and England defender Carragher.

Carragher said: “So two nil, some goal, two nil.”

A confused Haaland said: “What?”

At this moment, Gary Neville said, “Apologies for his accent.”

After presenter Kelly Cates clarified what Carragher said, the former defender joked: “You are a great goalscorer, you’ll never be a pundit!”

To which Haaland hilariously replied: “Thank you for that mate. Appreciate that.”

After the half-time whistle was blown, Haaland was spotted having a heated conversation with manager Guardiola.

Speaking about the incident, the Norwegian said: “It was because of the last action when Bernardo didn’t play me in – he [Pep] was a bit mad at me.

“Everyone sees I’m developing my game. I try my best every day – it’s a pleasure to work with Pep, I don’t know if there is anyone better for a young player as I’m still young, don’t forget. I just have the enjoy the chaos around me and perform on the pitch.”

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Whilst Guardiola also cleared up the incident, he said to Match of the Day: “He wanted the ball in behind to him and that ball hasn’t to be in behind. Sometimes you have to be patient to find the right moment.

“He was not frustrated, I am not frustrated. In football it happens. Don’t be dramatic.”

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