Jamie Carragher calls Rio Ferdinand ‘a clown’ during Champions League coverage

Jamie CarraghercalledRio Ferdinand‘a clown’ live on CBS on Wednesday night – andThierry Henry’sreaction was brilliant.

Carragher, Henry and Micah Richards made up the punditry team on CBS as they reacted to Inter Milan’s 2-0 victory over rivals AC Milan.

While the 2-0 victory puts Inter in a fantastic position heading into the second leg, it could have been even better forI Nerazzurri.

Goals from Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan put the ‘away’ side 2-0 ahead after just 11 minutes.

And it looked set to be 3-0 on the half hour mark.

Striker Lautaro Martinez went down in the penalty area under the challenge of Simon Kjaer. Referee, Gil Manzano, pointed to the penalty spot.

However, after a VAR review, Manzano changed his decision and decided that Martinez went down under very little contact.

Was it a clear and obvious error?

It was a decision that split the opinion of fans – and that’s just Carragher and Ferdinand.

“I think anyone out there, who is watching the replay and see what VAR do, and still believe it’s a penalty, they must be clown!” he said.

One of those people was Ferdinand.

He was in Milan on duty with BT Sport and insisted that it was a “stonewall penalty” during commentary. He then tweeted: “Still think it’s a penalty…”

But he wasn’t the only one.

Steven Gerrard was back in the BT Sport studio and also felt it was a penalty.

But Carragher wanted to make it clear that his ‘clown’ comment doesn’t apply to Gerrard. Just Rio…

“He was an attacking player, wasn’t he? ” Carragher said trying to defend Gerrard.

“He was liable a little bit himself under a little bit of contact – always contact, never a dive. I understand where he is coming from.

“It’s just when players in my position who are defenders, English defenders who are commentating on the game…”

“I can understand attackers thinking it was a penalty (turning to Henry) if you did, and Stevie was an attacker. Maybe he felt there was a little bit of contact.

“But as a defender we have to stick together don’t we and I just felt people were getting a little bit carried away.”

Micah Richards then said: “Name names” to which Carragher answered: “Rio Ferdinand. I’m happy to call him a clown!”

VIDEO: Carragher calls Ferdinand a ‘clown’

The reaction from everyone – particularly Henry – was absolutely brilliant.

We look forward to hearing Rio’s reply…

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