Joao Felix from Chelsea creates the world’s inaugural “footballer group chat,” enabling supporters to communicate with him directly

Joao Felix, the Chelsea footballer, could be altering the way professional athletes interact with their fans.

On Instagram on Monday, the Portuguese player, who scored in a 6-0 win against Luxembourg, unveiled his groundbreaking concept.

Felix expressed his desire to connect with his followers more frequently and revealed his innovative plan to accomplish this: he intends to set up a massive ‘group chat’ where fans can send him messages directly daily.

It’s certainly a bold idea, we’ll give him that…

What did Felix post on Instagram?

Felix wrote in a story post: “What would you think if I created a giant group chat? You could directly text me and I would – actually – be able to see everything and interact with all of you everyday.

“If I had to create this giant group chat would you want to join or not? Just tryna see who would be interested.”

Felix paired that post with a poll and then added: “Should I do it?” OK OK OK I seeeee we’re on the same page.”

The young forward then confirmed the wheels are firmly in motion – and other players are joining him in the venture.

“So for anyone who wants to connect with me or ask me anything this is the link to the group chat I created,” Felix wrote. “Feel free to join and let’s link up. @iamrafaeleao93 [Rafael Leao] and @yungchalobah [Trevoh Chalobah] are also on it!”

Whether other footballers will follow Joao Felix’s lead remains to be seen. However, Felix should brace himself for potential criticism in the ‘group chat.’ While he is already a beloved player at Chelsea, fans may not hesitate to voice their dissatisfaction if the team does not perform well in a game – something that has occurred fairly frequently under the management of Graham Potter.

Will Felix be a Chelsea player in 2023/24?

Joao Felix is currently on loan at Stamford Bridge from Atletico Madrid, but there is a strong possibility that he may make the move permanent.

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano recently posted on Twitter about Felix’s impressive performances at Chelsea, indicating the club’s intention to negotiate his permanent stay in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Romano wrote, “Joao Felix, extremely impressive for Chelsea – that’s why CFC [Chelsea Football Club] intends to negotiate his permanent stay in the summer.”

Felix himself showed his interest in the tweet by liking it, suggesting that he is also eager for a permanent switch to the Premier League.

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