Jude Bellingham embarrassed by England teammates during two-touch game

Jude Bellingham is widely regarded as one of the most gifted midfielders currently in the game, and England is fortunate to count this generational talent among their international squad.

However, a video has surfaced showing the Real Madrid prodigy engaging in a game of two-touch with his fellow countrymen, and it’s safe to say that it’s not the youngster’s strong suit.

As part of England’s content creation during international breaks and tournaments, the team shares behind-the-scenes footage for fans to enjoy while their favorite domestic clubs are on hiatus, either making or breaking their week. In their latest release, Bellingham appears surprisingly out of form, and as expected, fans have taken notice.

Jude Bellingham and Lucas Vasquez celebrate a Real Madrid victory. Image: Getty

Manchester City’s Kalvin Phillips and Kyle Walker, along with Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, joined the young talent in a four-way two-touch competition, where the loser, the one who dropped the ball first, faced a penalty. Surprisingly, Bellingham was the primary recipient of this punishment due to his lackluster ball control and occasional errant passes—a stark contrast to his impressive performances with Real Madrid.

And while it is pretty clear that he is not trying his hardest, it hasn’t stopped fans from berating him in the comments of the England social media channel’s posts.

Watch: Jude Bellingham’s poor two-touch showing at England training

@england Two-touch is always very competitive 🤣 #england #threelions ♬ original sound – England

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