Jude Bellingham’s unmatched mentality was evident as he spoke about the Lisandro Martinez incident after the game

Jude Bellingham displayed eloquence as he addressed the on-field altercation with Lisandro Martinez during Manchester United’s match against Real Madrid.

Despite the heated moment, Bellingham spoke calmly about the incident, dismissing it as a part of the game.

Martinez, who had faced an injury setback against Sevilla last season, has now fully recovered and is preparing for the 2023/24 campaign with Manchester United.

As part of the team’s pre-season tour in the US, the Red Devils faced Real Madrid and unfortunately suffered a 2-0 defeat to the La Liga giants on Wednesday.

Despite the result, Bellingham’s response to the on-field incident highlights the professionalism and maturity of the young midfielder, who is likely to continue impressing fans with his skills and attitude both on and off the pitch.

Jude Bellingham clashes with Lisandro Martinez. Image: Getty

Despite the defeat, Lisandro Martinez made his presence felt with a forceful challenge on Jude Bellingham, which led to a heated altercation on the field.

Bellingham reacted with frustration after the tackle but quickly composed himself and retaliated with a shove, resulting in Martinez receiving a booking for his challenge.

Following the incident, Real Madrid’s Dani Carvajal rushed to the scene and pushed Martinez, which escalated the situation, leading to a brief scuffle between players from both teams.

Despite the confrontation, Bellingham demonstrated his maturity and elite mentality, not allowing the incident to affect him adversely.

The young England international, who had already found the back of the net with a tidy goal, brushed off the interaction with Martinez, exemplifying his mental resilience and professionalism on the pitch.

Bellingham’s ability to maintain his focus and composure even in the face of provocation highlights his potential to become a prominent figure in the world of football at such a young age.

“The little tiff with Martinez is one of those things,” he said after the game. “He’s a brilliant player. I came in at half-time and I was effing this and effing that. But then he came over to wish me all the best when he came off, and I really respected it.

“I know what goes on the pitch stays on the pitch. I saw him at the end of the game and wished him well. I can respect that when two players are trying to win their team and can come together and be respectful after the game.”

The 20-year-old added: “He is a great competitor and a great player. Just like me, he wants to win. Sometimes it spills over. That is part of the game. I am really respectful. We can have that moment after the game.”

Bellingham will get his first taste of an El Clasico as Real take on Barcelona next at the AT&T Stadium.

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