Jurgen Klopp dismisses Jose Enrique’s theory about his Liverpool exit, insisting it is completely wrong

Former Liverpool player Jose Enrique has been called out by Jurgen Klopp following his reaction to the German’s decision to leave Liverpool at the end of the season.

The news broke of Klopp’s decision this morning, with the Liverpool manager releasing an emotional video message to supporters, informing them of the reasoning behind his choice to step away.

Liverpool are now on the market for a replacement, with Bayer Leverkusen’s Xabi Alonso the front-runner according to the latest odds.

Klopp’s decision has received reaction from all around the footballing world, but the Liverpool manager has called out one of his former players for their comments.

Former Liverpool defender Enrique made it clear that he believed the decision was down to the ownership of Liverpool.

Enrique replied to thePremier League’s Klopp post on Instagramwith: “We all know why and is FSG in my opinion. He is got tired of them simple as that. I’m so mad right now.”

Klopp addressed this in a press conference on Friday afternoon to clear up any suggestion that there was truth behind Enrique’s comments.

“I saw Jose Enrique, who I like a lot, say it is about FSG. I can tell you, absolutely, FSG has nothing to do with it,” Klopp reiterated.

The Spaniard’s comment received backlash on the social media platform as well, with the top reply reading: “Grow up lad. He clearly wants to be the German manager for the World Cup. Liverpool have spent loads in the last few years so give your head a wobble.”

Another account replied to Enrique: “I think he’s a legend and I don’t think it’s FSG, he has a life plan, and his time here has run its course. Sad to see him go but we move on.”

Enrique training with Liverpool in 2015

Former Liverpool man Enrique continued his tirade onSky Sports News, continuing to place significant blame on the Liverpool owners.

“My initial thought is that I was mad, but you can not blame him. Obviously, he is a legend and I believe Liverpool should build a statue,” Enrique said.

“Because of him, Liverpool has achieved everything that they have achieved in the last few years.

“He just renewed his contract as well. I think something has happened that has to do with the spending, maybe the ownership, that he has got tired of it, keeping fighting every single year to sign the players he deserves in the team,” Enrique continued.

“He can’t do miracles all the time. He has just got tired. That is a personal opinion. Every year he has to do miracles to win trophies with these players.”

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