Jurgen Klopp screams at Liverpool fans to stop singing chant during Bournemouth win

Jurgen Klopp was seen raising his voice towards Liverpool fans, urging them to cease singing a song during the team’s victory against Bournemouth.

Liverpool secured their first Premier League triumph of the season at Anfield on Saturday, triumphing over Bournemouth with a score of 3-1.

The comeback victory featured goals from Luis Diaz, Mohamed Salah, and Diogo Jota, as The Reds rallied after conceding an early strike by Antoine Semenyo.

Despite the team’s eventual comfortable victory, Klopp’s side showed some vulnerability in defense during the initial phases of the game.

Furthermore, they had to contend with playing with ten men in the second half following the somewhat controversial dismissal of Alexis Mac Allister.

Klopp, although likely proud of the result, seemed to express his frustration towards Liverpool fans during the last 15 minutes of the match at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp screams at Liverpool fans

As a rendition of his song was being belted out around Merseyside, footage from the fixture appeared to pick up Klopp, who was off camera, roaring: “Can you stop singing that s***? Can you stop it?!”

The burst of temper was corroborated by multiple journalists at Anfield, with James Pearce of The Athletic tweeting: “Klopp gesturing to the Kop to stop singing his song.”

Klopp gesturing to the fans to stop singing his song: “Can you stop singing that shit, can you stop it?!”
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Jurgen Klopp doesn’t like his song being sung mid-game

This is not the first time that Klopp has appeared dissatisfied with fans singing his song. Following Liverpool’s 4-3 victory over Tottenham Hotspur, he asked fans to stop singing this Beatles-themed tune during matches.

“I have to say now, I love all of them, but my song, don’t sing it,” he told the media in May. “If you want to sing it, sing it after the game in the bars, wherever. Because it is always like it is closing the game.

We are 3-0 up, and I hear ‘I’m so glad that Jurgen is a Red’. It is not over! It would be really nice if you could leave it for later, and now it’s like 4-3, everyone is happy, and we had in the final part of the game, the atmosphere was like an explosion that no one will forget that game ever. Let’s keep going.”

The song is sung to the tune of The Beatles’ No. 1 hit ‘I Feel Fine’, and the lyrics are as follows: “I’m so glad that Jurgen is a Red. I’m so glad he delivered what he said. Jurgen said to me, you know. We’ll win the Premier League, you know. He said so. I’m in love with him and I feel fine. I’m so glad that Jurgen is a Red. I’m so glad he delivered what he said.

“Jurgen said to me, you know. We’ll win the Premier League, you know. He said so. I’m in love with him and I feel fine.”

The song in question is an expression of admiration for Jurgen Klopp, who has brought notable trophies to Anfield, including the Premier League and Champions League, throughout his tenure at the club.

Despite his accomplishments, Klopp appears to be not entirely supportive of the song dedicated to him.

However, he has previously mentioned that he does appreciate the song and the sentiment behind it; his only request is that it not be sung during matches.

His rationale for this preference is that he would rather have the supportive chants directed towards the players, with the aim of boosting their confidence.

Klopp’s slight exasperation regarding the song may persist, despite his considerable popularity among Liverpool fans. If Klopp continues to deliver silverware to the club, it’s likely that the fans will continue singing the song, potentially contributing to his ongoing unease with the matter.

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