Jurgen Klopp was seen with his head in his hands after Andy Robertson committed a glaring mistake during the disappointing loss to Man Cit

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As Liverpool faced off against Manchester City on Saturday, their highly anticipated match was marred by a disastrous second half.

Despite taking an early lead with a goal by Mohamed Salah, the team’s momentum was quickly squandered. In particular, a mistake by Andy Robertson left Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp anticipating the worst and clutching his head in despair.

Ultimately, City emerged as dominant victors, scoring four goals from the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan, and Jack Grealish.

During the first half of the match between Liverpool and Manchester City, Jurgen Klopp could be seen with his head in his hands following a costly mistake by Andy Robertson.

In an attempt to press Kevin De Bruyne, Robertson failed to reach the ball in time, allowing the Belgian to pass to Riyad Mahrez.

As a result, Robertson was caught out of position, leaving City with ample space to move the ball into the box for Julian Alvarez to score the equalizer.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher commented on the mistake, noting that Robertson has made similar errors before.

In a tweet, Carragher remarked that Robertson often chases into midfield and leaves his man, as he did during the Champions League final.

Carragher added that pressing all the time is not always the best strategy.

Whilst former City defender Joleon Lescott said on BT Sport: “Huge phase of play.

You can see here, Klopp’s reaction, he recognises what’s about to happen with regards to Robertson missing the tackle.

Image Credit: BT Sport

“Then Van Dijk, he needs to isolate Mahrez but from then on, Gundogan’s pass, Jack’s weighted pass then Alvarez just finds himself in huge amounts of space which is strange from Liverpool. Again, the goal from a defensive perspective is pretty poor.”

After the match, the Liverpool boss said only four of his players produced okay performances.

He said: “Four performances were okay, the two midfielders, Hendo and Fab, worked a lot, Cody and Ali, and that is very difficult. If you want to get something here, 14 or 15 players have to be on top of their game and that was not the case.”

Next up for Liverpool will be another tough match as they travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea on Tuesday night.

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