Jurrien Timber’s impressive Community Shield highlights for Arsenal vs Man City emerge

Jurrien Timber’s transition to life in London has been remarkably smooth.

In a splendid initiation to his Arsenal journey, 22-year-old Jurrien Timber has wasted no time in making his mark.

His contribution was pivotal as the Gunners secured victory over Manchester City in the Community Shield over the weekend.

A former Ajax player, Timber demonstrated his mettle with a strong performance that aided his new team in prevailing against their Premier League rivals through a penalty shootout.

Fans have been captivated by his display, evident from the viral spread of a video showcasing Timber’s highlights following Arsenal’s triumph.

This performance serves as a promising glimpse into what Arsenal supporters can anticipate from him in the upcoming season.

Timber showcased a masterful command of the fundamentals, exhibiting his prowess in defensive intricacies and displaying confidence while venturing forward with the ball at his feet.

While Timber is slated to assume the role of right-back this season, his initial deployment on the left side of Arsenal’s defense against City revealed his versatility and proficiency.

If his performance remains exemplary even outside his designated position, the prospect of witnessing Timber excel when operating from his natural side becomes an enticing prospect for Arsenal and its fans.

How good did Jurrien Timber look defensively?

As far as starts go, a competitive debut against City is as tough as it gets, but Timber looked fantastic and handled the Cityzen’s side defensively with ease it seemed.

Throughout the match, the 22-year-old displayed exceptional consistency in his defensive execution, rarely making any errors.

He assumed a commanding presence that played a pivotal role in neutralizing the attacking endeavors of Pep Guardiola’s formidable side on nearly every occasion.

Given his extensive experience primarily as a center-back, the decision to deploy Timber as a right-back for the upcoming season raised eyebrows and intrigued many.

Thus, his unexpected appearance as a left-back against City caught everyone off guard.

However, Timber’s performance in this unanticipated role defied expectations, turning into a resounding success.

Timber’s contributions were versatile and impactful. His interventions ranged from crucial last-ditch blocks, an impressive display of aerial prowess marked by numerous effective headed clearances, to outstanding one-on-one defending.

These collective efforts showcased his ability to rise to the challenge against one of the world’s premier teams.

The acquisition of Timber from Ajax appears to be a shrewd move for Arsenal, one that augments their ambitions following a second-place finish in the previous season.

The decision to harness Timber’s talents in a new position appears to be yielding promising results for the club’s ongoing development.

He looked just as good offensively

In the context of defensive expectations, Timber’s strong performance at the back during the Community Shield undoubtedly fulfilled the hopes of Arsenal and the club’s supporters.

Their aspiration for bolstering the team’s backline was met with a commendable display from the 22-year-old.

However, a delightful revelation emerged as Timber’s prowess extended beyond traditional defensive duties, encompassing an impressive offensive dimension.

Operating out of his natural position and transitioning from a central role in the backline, Timber exhibited remarkable adaptability on the left flank, resembling a seasoned fullback.

His seamless integration into this new role was evident as he surged up and down the flank with the fluidity of an elite fullback.

In possession of the ball, Timber exuded confidence and poise, often taking on City’s defenders with agility while deftly evading challenges.

This progressive ball-carrying ability significantly contributed to the team’s offensive dynamics, presenting a novel facet to Arsenal’s approach.

While it remains uncertain whether Timber will surpass Ben White’s defensive contributions in the right-back position this season, given White’s previous success in that role, Timber’s offensive impact remains a pivotal factor.

This facet of his play ensures that his positional transition yields positive outcomes, enhancing Arsenal’s defensive capabilities in multifaceted ways.

The 22-year-old’s all-round prowess, coupled with his newfound offensive acumen, holds the potential to elevate Arsenal’s performance both at the back and in their attacking endeavors.

Video: Timber’s highlights vs Man City

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