Karim Benzema has impressively scored consecutive hat-tricks for Real Madrid while fasting

Karim Benzema has done it again, scoring yet another hat-trick for Real Madrid during their impressive 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday night, all while observing the fast for Ramadan.

Despite his Muslim faith requiring him to fast during the holy month, the 35-year-old forward has consistently played at a high level. In a 2022 interview with Esquire, he stated that Ramadan does not affect his performance on the pitch.

“Ramadan is part of my life and my religion makes Ramadan an obligation,” he said: “For me, it’s very important and I feel good when I’m fasting.”

Then, when asked what he is grateful for in life, the Frenchman replied: “I am grateful for being in good health.”

Image credit: Instagram/karimbenzema

Since the start of the Islamic holy month on March 22, Karim Benzema has been on fire.

The French striker scored an impressive seven-minute hat-trick, which included a breathtaking bicycle kick, during Real Madrid’s La Liga clash against Valladolid on Sunday.

Just a few days later, he continued his remarkable form by scoring another three goals in a dominant victory over bitter rivals Barcelona at the famous Camp Nou, which secured their place in the Copa del Rey final.

As a result of his exploits in the El Clasico, Benzema became the first Real Madrid player to score a hat-trick at the Camp Nou since Ferenc Puskas in 1963 and the first Los Blancos player since Ivan Zamorano in 1995 to score three in an El Clasico.

Benzema, who was born in France but is of Algerian descent, knows the great impact religion has in his life.

Speaking toVogue magazine in 2019, he said: “My faith helps me to be focused every day. It brings me benefits and it’s my strength for me, my family, as well as for my work — for literally everything.”

He also he wants his children to grow up knowing their heritage, with religion being an important pillar.

“I am always guided by my faith and my values,” he goes on. “It’s important to me to not forget where I came from, as the simplest things in life are the most important.

“The foundations of a building will help it stand straight. I want to inculcate this heritage to my children. I hope that it will always be a part of them and that when in doubt, they can refer to these values and their faith.”

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