Khvicha Kvaratskhelia gives ‘perfect answer’ to Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate

Football fans have lauded Khvicha Kvaratskhelia for providing the ultimate response to the longstanding debate over Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi.

The Georgia international has emerged as one of the most outstanding performers in the top five European leagues this season, having scored 14 goals and notched up 16 assists for Napoli in Serie A and the Champions League so far this term.

Nicknamed ‘Kvaradona’ due to his exceptional skills, the 22-year-old Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is currently being linked with several top European clubs, and he has the potential to establish himself as one of the premier footballers in the world.

However, when it comes to the age-old question of choosing between Ronaldo and Messi, who would this talented player select?

Footage of the Serie A star answering the debate has gone viral on social media.

Kvaratskhelia answers the Ronaldo vs Messi debate

Sat on an exercise bike watching old footage of Cristiano in action for Real Madrid, Kvaratskhelia revealed: “I like Ronaldo more.”

He then added: “But Messi is top.”

Watch the video here:

According to other sources, including @AlbicelesteTalk, Kvaratskhelia’s actual words were: “I like Ronaldo more as he is my idol, but Messi is the top.”

According to numerous football fans on Twitter, the skilled winger has provided an accurate response to the question, which has resonated with them.

Let’s check out some of the reaction to Kvaratskhelia’s answer:

Is Kvaratskhelia right about Ronaldo and Messi?

When it comes to the ongoing debate between Ronaldo and Messi, there is no definitive answer that is universally accepted as correct.

The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. Despite this, there are millions of football fans worldwide who remain convinced that Ronaldo, currently playing for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia’s top league, is the superior footballer.

Conversely, an equal number of fans will contend that Paris Saint-Germain’s Messi has now surpassed Ronaldo, particularly after leading Argentina to World Cup victory in Qatar last year.

In addition, when it comes to football’s most sought-after and esteemed individual award, the Ballon d’Or, Messi has a distinct advantage over his long-time adversary.

It is widely anticipated that the 35-year-old Messi will claim the Ballon d’Or for an unprecedented eighth time later this year, thereby establishing a three-trophy lead over Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ultimately, those who can recognize and admire the attributes of both footballers, such as Kvaratskhelia, are the true victors in the ongoing debate between Messi and Ronaldo.

With both players now in the twilight of their illustrious careers, it’s important to appreciate and relish their talents before they bid farewell to the game for good.

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