Kylian Mbappe has voiced his support for Romelu Lukaku following the racist abuse he endured during a match against Juventus

Kylian Mbappe has expressed his support for Romelu Lukaku, who suffered appalling racist abuse during Inter Milan’s cup match against Juventus on Tuesday.

Lukaku managed to score the equalizing goal for his team but was then sent off after celebrating in front of the home fans who had subjected him to racial abuse throughout the game.

As a result of his second yellow card, Juan Cuadrado and Samir Handanovic also received red cards, leading to chaos during the Coppa Italia semi-final first-leg clash. After the game, Lukaku used social media to call on the Italian league to take strong action against racism in football.

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On social media, he wrote: “History repeats itself. Been through it in 2019… and 2023 again.

“I hope the league really take action for real this time because this beautiful game should be enjoyed by everyone. F*ck racism.”

Lukaku has the backing of Paris Saint-Germain Mbappe, who shared his fellow forward’s Instagram post on his story, accompanied with the caption: “2023 and still the same problems. But we’re not going to let you. All against racism.”

Kylian Mbappe shares his thoughts on Romelu Lukaku suffering racist abuse at Juventus. Image: Instagram

Inter also released a statement condemning the racist abuse their striker endured in Turin.

“We are brothers and sisters of the world. Since 9 March 1908 this has been our story,” the club’s statement reads.

“We want to firmly reiterate that we stand united against racism and all forms of discrimination.

“Football and sport must not only be a place for emotion but also for clear and shared values, and what we saw last night in the final minutes of the Juventus vs Inter Coppa Italia semi-final in Turin has no place in our sport.

“This is why we reiterate our support, affection and solidarity to Romelu Lukaku, just as the world of football is doing from all over since the incident.

“Stay strong Rom, we stand with you!”

Inter and Juventus meet in the semi-final second-leg on April 26.

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