Lionel Messi consoles DJ Khaled’s son who burst into tears as Inter Miami mascot

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Before his second appearance for Inter Miami, Lionel Messi was seen offering comfort to DJ Khaled’s son, bringing joy to the young fan.

Messi’s time in America began on a perfect note, with a sensational 94th-minute winning free-kick against Cruz Azul, further adding to his career filled with remarkable and unforgettable moments.

It seems like these extraordinary occurrences have become a part of Messi’s journey, and his presence on the field brings delight not only to fans but also to young admirers like DJ Khaled’s son.

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On this occasion, there was someone else in the presence of the ‘Little Magician’ – Lionel Messi – who could not hold back their emotions.

The fans at the DRV PNK Stadium, witnessing Messi’s brilliance in his first start for Inter Miami against Atlanta United, were overwhelmed with emotions as they witnessed the magical performance of the football legend.

Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami made him the biggest star ever to sign for an MLS club, a testament to his immense talent and global appeal.

Despite having the opportunity to follow Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia, he chose to embark on a new chapter in his career in the United States.

The incredible winning goal Messi scored on his debut further solidified his status as a football icon and brought both David Beckham and the fans to tears, as they recognized the extraordinary significance of that moment and the impact Messi was making in MLS.

Lionel Messi comforts DJ Khaled’s son ahead of full Inter Miami debut

Footage of a warm embrace between Messi and DJ Khaled emerged online with the musical star’s son set to be the mascot to walk out with the Argentinian.

Being able to walk out onto the field with the greatest player we have ever seen must be a huge honour even for such a young child, and Khaled was cheering his son along the whole way.

The heartwarming video showed him continually shouting: “That’s my son! That’s my son!”

As can be imagined, the reaction of the crowd was enormous, and that noise seemed to get the better of the youngster, Ashad.

The seven-year-old burst into tears as he stood in front of Messi ahead of the game, but was still able to give a wave to presumably his father.

Messi quickly noticed the distress his mascot was going through and gave him a reassuring word in the ear as well as placing his hands on the shoulders of the young man to make him more comfortable.

With the help of the iconic player, Ashad got through the big moment and will be able to look back on it with fondness.

Seeing the human side to Messi is always great for fans as his performances on the pitch make him feel anything but human at times.

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