Lionel Messi defended his 19-year-old teammate after a Philadelphia Union player singled him out

Lionel Messi expressed his frustration towards a Philadelphia Union player, objecting to the actions taken against his 19-year-old Inter Miami teammate, Noah Allen.

In an impressive performance, Inter secured a 4-1 victory on their opponent’s turf, securing a spot in the Leagues Cup final against Nashville on Sunday.

Messi continued his prolific run with his ninth goal in six games for Inter during the tournament, while contributions from Josef Martinez, Jordi Alba, and David Ruiz also contributed to the team’s success on the scoresheet.

Amidst Union’s defeat, Alejandro Bedoya managed to score a consolation goal. However, his teammate Jose Andres Martinez faced the ire of Messi in the second half.

With the scoreline standing at 4-1 in the 80th minute, the frustrated Venezuelan player displayed his discontent.

When Noah Allen tumbled to the ground after a challenge by Martinez, the latter loomed over him and forcefully kicked through him in an attempt to gain control of the ball.

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The midfielder also slapped Allen’s hand away after he gave him a slight push. Messi did not like the 29-year-old’s conduct one bit and footage showed the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner getting in the face of Martinez and confronting him.

He gave the death stare and was seen exchanging some choice words which may well have been expletive-filled insults in Spanish.

It has been said that Messi said to Martinez, “How are you going to kick him to the ground like that?”. The referee soon got involved and ensured that tempers didn’t fully boil over.

Messi’s leadership and fervor have been prominently evident in his journey overseas, including a recent intense confrontation with Orlando City’s Cesar Araujo in the tunnel earlier this month.

The 36-year-old has displayed a passionate determination that wasn’t as pronounced during his tenure at Paris Saint-Germain. This assertiveness was exemplified in a heated exchange with Felipe Martins on the field.

Messi’s impact on Inter Miami has been nothing short of transformative, and he is set to participate in the 42nd final of his illustrious career this upcoming weekend.

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Still bottom in the MLS as it stands, Gerard Martino’s side are guaranteed to be play in the CONCACAF Champions Cup competition next season no matter what the result is.

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