Lionel Messi disregarded MLS rules after his debut goal against New York Red Bulls

Lionel Messi inadvertently violated MLS regulations upon making his long-awaited league debut for Inter Miami, immediately marking the occasion with a goal.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or recipient had exclusively participated in cup competitions for the Herons until the previous night when he was substituted onto the field and successfully scored in a 2-0 triumph over New York Red Bulls.

This outcome elevated Inter from the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference standings to the 14th position after securing their first league victory in 12 matches.

Dario Gomez initiated Inter’s lead with a goal to make it 1-0, prior to Messi’s entrance onto the field in the 60th minute. He subsequently sealed the victory with a late goal in the 89th minute.

Ultimately, Messi’s goal might have been a tap-in, yet the lead-up sequence was a masterpiece in motion, with Messi delivering an astonishing pass behind the defense to find Benjamin Cremaschi’s run.

However, it’s been reported that Messi inadvertently transgressed MLS regulations following his debut in the league.

In the United States, players are generally expected to be available for post-match interviews and conversations with journalists. At times, reporters even had access to changing rooms for conducting interviews.

Despite Dan Courtemanche, the executive vice president of communications at MLS, indicating that Messi would still have the same media responsibilities, he was not made available for interviews.

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As per theAssociated Press, Miami spokesperson Molly Dreska told journalists that Messi, who is not fluent in English, would not be available on this occasion.

He did recently take part in a press conference, as well as a one-on-one interview with Luis Miguel Echegaray of ESPN.

But it seems though Messi, comfortably the league’s biggest star, could be exempt from usual MLS protocol.

The former Barcelona superstar has scored 11 times in his first nine games for the Florida outfit but manager Martino believes the team must found a way to play without their star man.

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“The important thing is we value winning and winning this way because it’s something we have to be accustomed to,” Martino said, as perthe Daily Mail.

“Leo is going to miss at least 3 games – he’s going to get called up by his national team (Argentina have World Cup qualifiers in September, October and November).

“And others too and we know the team needs to continue to win in these times.”

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