Lionel Messi is no longer fixated on the Ballon d’Or, his perspective has undergone a complete shift

Lionel Messi’s aspiration to secure his eighth Ballon d’Or award has diminished following his victorious FIFA World Cup campaign with Argentina.

The football maestro stands as a prominent contender for this year’s prestigious individual accolade, yet his priorities have shifted in light of his World Cup conquest.

While Messi, once a Barcelona stalwart, holds the record for the most Ballon d’Or triumphs in history, his perspective on the award has evolved.

In his inaugural press conference since becoming a part of Inter Miami, he conveyed a transformed viewpoint.

Previously, Messi acknowledged the significance of the personal honor in his career.

However, he now conveys a greater emphasis on the collective achievements and performance of his team, signaling a shift in his values.

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He told reporters: “I have said it many times, the Ballon d’Or is very important due to the recognition at an individual level, but I never gave it importance.

“The most important thing for me was always the awards at the group level.

“I was lucky to have achieved everything in my career and after the World Cup, I’m thinking about that award much less, my biggest award was that and I’m disguising my moment.

“If it arrives, good, and if not, nothing happens. I was lucky to achieve all my goals in my career and now I have new goals with this club.”

If the Argentinian were to win the award he would be the first to take home the honour while playing for a side outside of Europe.

He recently joined David Beckham and Jorge Mas-owned Inter Miami in the United States.

Since joining up with his new team he has scored nine goals in six appearances with his side set to play in the Leagues Cup final this weekend.

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The Argentine admitted that he and his family are enjoying their new life.

As perTyC Sports, Messi said: “We are still finishing getting settled, we arrived in Miami a month and a half ago.

“We still don’t have the house which we are going to live in, but it was very easy to choose [Miami].

“We were convinced to come to this place and the people made it very easy, both at the club since we arrived and the fans or the people I meet on the street.

“The city is spectacular and makes it possible for you to live the day quietly and very easily. The children start school soon. While there is little left [to do], it was easier than we thought. It had been complicated [moving] from Barcelona to Paris.”

Messi faces competition for the Ballon d’Or largely from Manchester City players thanks to their historic treble-winning season.

Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne are high up on the list, however, after Messi secured the World Cup in December, it seems only right the award heads his way.

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