Lionel Messi toys with Peru defender, destroyed him TWICE in a matter of seconds

Lionel Messi displayed his remarkable skills as he outwitted the SAME defender twice in a ruthless moment during Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Peru.

Messi was in exceptional form as Argentina secured their fourth victory in the qualifying campaign on Wednesday. The defending champions defeated Peru 2-0, with the 36-year-old scoring both of his side’s goals in a sensational performance.

He opened the scoring in the 32nd minute by elegantly slotting home a superb strike with his trusted left foot.

The Inter Miami superstar bagged his second goal of the game just before the break as he scored a trademark left-footed strike into the bottom corner after Manchester City’s Julian Alvarez left the ball for him.

He was involved in another moment of magic in the first-half as he destroyed the SAME defender twice.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, who’s expected to bag his eighth award, brilliantly held off the Peru player, who fell to the ground. After rising to his feet, he went back at Messi but failed as he got rinsed again.

The Peruvian was left on the floor as Messi raced away from him.

Argentina boss Lionel Scaloni spoke about his star player following the win over Peru.

“I saw him as if he had not had an injury or a break,” he said. “It is true that the team has understood him for a while now, he plays in a very marked way that benefits him. I hope he plays as long as he can, everyone is happy to see him on the pitch.”

Messi is set to take a one month holiday as the MLS season comes to a close later this month.

On the break, Scaloni added: “We won’t be affected by his break because we won’t be competing again until March. I imagine he will do his preseason with his team, it is not something that really worries us.

“It was already seen today, without having a lot of minutes like it was said… The most important thing is that he is healthy and that’s the best thing, he is managing his minutes.”

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