Lionel Messi’s bodyguard is an MMA fighter and former US soldier personally selected by David Beckham

The bodyguard accompanying Lionel Messi has been unveiled following his recent viral appearance.

Messi extended his remarkable, unbeaten streak at Inter Miami on Wednesday evening, steering the team towards a second cup final.

In an exhilarating 120 minutes of play, the Herons played to a 3-3 draw against FC Cincinnati, eventually triumphing 5-4 in a penalty shootout.

This victory has paved the way for an upcoming US Open Cup final clash against Houston Dynamo.

Messi delivered two exceptional crosses to assist Leonardo Campana, including one for a 97th-minute equalizer that led to extra time.

The winner of seven Ballon d’Or awards dashed to his teammates for celebration, and observant fans noticed the bodyguard swiftly moving along the touchline to remain near him.

Post-game, the guard was also seen alongside Messi on the field, displaying unwavering dedication to shielding the Argentine superstar.

From waiting as Messi disembarks the team bus to shadowing his every move even during matches, the guard goes to great lengths to ensure his protection.

Fans had been notably curious about the identity of this individual and how he has taken on the role of safeguarding arguably the greatest football player in history.

The security man has now been named as Yassine Chueko, with Argentine outletLa Nacionproviding details about his background.

Chueko, a former US soldier is said to have been personally selected by Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham.

He’s believed to be an ex Navy Seal who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan but also has extensive experience in MMA.

He clinched victory in his inaugural professional fight in Thailand during the opening round, achieving the finish within a rapid 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Chueko exhibits expertise in various martial arts disciplines and consistently shares training videos on his Instagram profile. Notably, his followers count includes prominent figures such as Messi and Sergio Ramos among its 113,000 members.

Image: Instagram/@yasstcheuko

Rodrigo De Paul has always been described as Messi’s personal bodyguard but Chueko is now his chief protector and you wouldn’t fancy crossing him.

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