Lionel Messi’s priceless response when an Argentine comedian asked if he could kiss him on the lips

Lionel Messi had a priceless reaction when a comedian asked if he could KISS the superstar forward. Messi, now with Inter Miami, hosted the well-known Argentinean comedian Migue Granados for an exclusive interview at his home.

They discussed various topics, including a subtle dig at his former club PSG and his kids’ strict phone rule.

During the interview, Granados even asked Messi if he could kiss him on the lips, to which Messi laughed and seemed to rise from his seat, causing laughter in the background.

Granados also asked the 36-year-old if he and Antonela Roccuzzo would consider extending their family by having another baby.

“We’re not trying, but I don’t know [if the factory has closed],” he said. “We’ll see if a baby girl arrives.”

Thiago, Messi’s eldest son, has joined Inter Miami’s academy following his father’s transfer.

But according to the man himself, Thiago is more of a mummy’s boy as he revealed he’s very different to Mateo.

“They have different personalities,” he said. “Thiago, when he comes on the field to play, he doesn’t look at you.

“Mateo. He comes on, he greets the crowd, applauds. They’re different characters.”

Ciro, Messi’s youngest son, is ‘terrible’ as he’s still growing into himself.

“The youngest is terrible,” he joked. “He’s only five years old, and he’s not yet defined.”

The World Cup winner added: “Mateo you have to stop, he talks to you and doesn’t stop. Ciro is more reserved. He tells you things but not about himself, he talks about others.

“Thiago has trouble talking much, he’s glued to Antonela… Thiago is sensitive.”

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