Lionel Messi’s response to being spotted food shopping ahead of his Inter Miami unveiling is hilariously amusing

Lionel Messi, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, has caused a viral sensation with his response after being spotted food shopping prior to his unveiling at Inter Miami.

Following the conclusion of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the beginning of the month.

His introduction to his new club, Inter Miami, alongside former Barcelona teammate Sergio Busquets, is anticipated to receive an extravagant reception akin to that of a rock star.

The upcoming event, titled “The Unveil,” will allow season ticket holders to attend for free, prompting the expansion of the arena’s capacity by 3,000 to meet the overwhelming demand.

The club has teased entertainment and on-pitch speeches as part of the spectacle, rolling out the red carpet for Messi and Busquets.

However, ahead of this grand occasion, Messi was spotted attempting to lead a normal life in Miami.

On Thursday night, the Argentine was seen at a regional supermarket chain called Publix, accompanied by his wife Antonella and their two young sons.

Although his presence in the store may not have generated the same fervor as it would in Europe or South America, a few fans and curious onlookers took the opportunity to snap selfies with the 36-year-old as he casually navigated the aisles.

And Messi’s response to being spotted has gone viral. As people began to recognise the Argentina captain, he asked Antonella for the car keys and trudged off to sit in the car, away from the commotion.

Fans have been quick to respond to Messi’s first foray into Miami life.

One wrote: “I am sure at first he was like ‘yay I can finally walk around without people jumping on my face’. After realizing he was wrong, he is like ‘Oh s**t here we go again’”.

Another said: “Messi asking Antonella for the car keys after people started to recognise him at the grocery store is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.”

However, others were more sympathetic. One Twitter user said: “It doesn’t look funny to me. Messi looked kinda worried and wanted to get the hell out, taking the kids with him. Fans tend to forget that these are actual people with actual kids and actual emotions.”

Another wrote: “Lived in NYC for over 25 years, saw many famous people, Sheens, Rolling Stones, athletes, I never approach them like that, just say hello, what’s up, and keep moving.”

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