Lionel Messi’s video organizing Inter Miami’s defense for a set-piece gains viral traction

Lionel Messi’s adept organization of Inter Miami’s defense against FC Dallas in a recent video has sparked enthusiastic acclaim from fans who appreciate his exceptional leadership.

Messi once again demonstrated his mastery on the field, delivering a remarkable performance for his newly adopted team. He netted a dazzling pair of goals, propelling his side forward to the subsequent round of the Leagues Cup.

In the sixth minute, he initiated the scoring, and then, with a mere five minutes remaining, he equalized the match with a breathtaking free-kick, leading to an enthralling penalty shootout.

Inter Miami secured their place in the next round of the competition after prevailing 5-3 in the ensuing penalty shootout.

Beyond his contributions on the score-sheet and his successful spot-kick conversion, the 36-year-old showcased his innate leadership qualities, effectively justifying his role as the club captain.

A noteworthy instance occurred during an FC Dallas set-piece, where Messi was captured engaging with his teammates, coordinating the formation of the defensive wall.

Fans have wholeheartedly embraced Messi’s extraordinary leadership and strategic involvement, underscoring the pivotal role he plays in his team’s achievements.

The clip shows him orchestrating the defence before telling Josef Martínez to take up a position in the wall.

Messi sorting Inter Miami’s defensive position sent social media wild.

One Twitter user wrote: “Remember when PSG players laid him down behind a wall.”

A second tweeted: “He is really better in Inter Miami than in PSG.”

A third added: “True leadership.”

A fourth said: “Captain for a reason.”

Messi has now scored an impressive seven goals in just four matches for Inter Miami as he enjoys a blistering start to life in the States.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will look to continue to inspire his team as he returns to action on Saturday when Inter Miami face Charlotte in the quarter-finals of the Leagues Cup.

The Florida-based outfit then take on Charlotte again in the MLS on August 21.

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