Lisandro Martinez kick-starts yet another fight after a crunching tackle on Jude Bellingham

Lisandro Martinez has ignited a heated altercation on the pitch once again, this time with a crunching tackle on Jude Bellingham.

The Argentinian defender received a yellow card for his brutal two-footed challenge that left Real Madrid’s newest signing, Bellingham, flattened.

The reaction from the Real Madrid players was immediate and intense, with teammates rushing to the aid of their injured colleague.

The situation escalated further with a bit of pushing and shoving between the players following the challenge.

As a result of the aggressive tackle, Lisandro Martinez was cautioned by the referee, adding to the tension on the field.

The incident has undoubtedly added to the intensity of the match and has become a talking point among fans and observers.

Following the crunching tackle on Jude Bellingham, Lisandro Martinez displayed sportsmanship by immediately jumping up, and the referee’s intervention helped in calming down the situation on the pitch.

This incident mirrored a similar situation that occurred during the match between Manchester United and Arsenal on the weekend when Martinez produced another aggressive tackle, this time on Bukayo Saka. Known for his physical and aggressive style of play, Martinez went straight through Saka, taking him out completely.

Saka, after the challenge, gave a small shove while sitting up, and his captain Martin Odegaard immediately stepped in to confront Martinez. As a consequence of his tackle, the Argentine defender received a yellow card from the referee.

It seems that Martinez’s combative nature has resulted in a couple of contentious incidents on the field recently, leading to confrontations with opposing players and disciplinary actions from the officials.

Tempers looked like they might just flare but things were diffused just in time. Still, the tackle accrued a whole lot of reaction online, with Martinez slammed.

Fans had a similar reaction to his tackle on Bellingham.

One fan said: “Imo no need for this in a preseason friendly.”

Another wrote: “Lisandro Martínez you’re a filthy player.”

A third added: “Lisandro Martinez actually has the small man syndrome lol, man relax it’s just a friendly.”

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