Liverpool fans call out the difference in reaction to Erling Haaland and Diogo Jota’s ‘identical’ challenges

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Liverpool fans have expressed their anger over the difference in reaction to Erling Haaland and Diogo Jota’s challenges.

On Sunday afternoon, Liverpool were victorious at Anfield against Tottenham Hotspur after a late late goal from Jota sealed a dramatic 4-3 victory.

However, Spurs caretaker boss Ryan Mason was fuming over the fact that Jota remained on the pitch after catching Oliver Skipp on the head with a high boot.

The Portuguese was only given a yellow card by referee Paul Tierney and went on to net the late winner.

Liverpool fans have been digging through the archives and have found that Manchester City superstar Haaland made a similar challenge earlier on in the season.

The Anfield faithful went on to point out that the reaction to the two challenges were completely different.

A video was posted on social media which showed former referee Dermot Gallagher giving his views on both incidents.

On Haaland, Gallagher said: “Well I don’t think it’s a red card, I think it is a genuine attempt by a player to play the ball.

“I think Andersen throws himself in and he’s allowed to do that. I don’t think Haaland sees him, his boot’s up. I think if the referee gives a free kick and a yellow card it’s enough, it’s reckless but certainly not dangerous.”

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When speaking about Jota’s challenge on Skipp, Gallagher said: “If it was a red card he couldn’t complain. I know Skipp puts his head in.

“The argument is he invaded Jota’s space, well, should Jota have his foot that high? Most certainly not.”

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “This is my big problem with pundits at the moment. Presented with a near identical fact pattern they can arrive at two very different answers and then criticise VAR for doing the same. I think Haaland was lucky not to be sent off, I think the same for Jota.”

Another tweeted: “This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘making it up as he goes along’.”

A third fan added: “And there you have it, tell me referees don’t show leniency towards certain teams and apply rules in different ways.”

Someone else wrote: “As biased as it gets!”

Whilst a fifth commented: “This is farcical. It’s either none of them are reds or both of them are. How can he say two contrasting things about the same incident?”

Do you think Jota was lucky to stay on the pitch? Let us know in the comments.

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