Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp responded sharply to a reporter who asked him a VAR-related question

Jurgen Klopp exhibited frustration with a reporter who inquired about the suitability of VAR after recent controversies in the Premier League.

Liverpool faced VAR-related issues this season, notably being unfairly denied a goal against Tottenham in September.

During that incident, the German manager passionately called for a replay after Luis Diaz’s goal was disallowed.

More VAR controversy arose this week when Arsenal conceded a contentious goal against West Ham United last night.

In anticipation of his team’s upcoming Anfield clash against Newcastle United next Monday, Klopp was questioned about whether English football authorities should consider abandoning VAR due to the ongoing controversies this season.

On VAR failing to improve the game, he said: “I really don’t think that I should answer this question. You know, it’s not that you use me.

“I give you too often the opportunity to use my phrases, and then it’s intended to set the things we discussed is not interesting anymore. It’s just Klopp said and it doesn’t help. And that’s what I cannot…”

A reporter replied: “It’s not meant to be like that.”

To which Klopp fired back: “But it will be used like that. We agree? What I say now is, ‘Klopp says’, and with the problem we all see every day, pretty much whenever we watch a game and think, ‘okay, how is that possible?’ The two goals against us for us, I say, are both legitimate goals in all these countries.

“We can talk on and on and on and on, we know it already. The authorities probably know it already. What do you mean? But they have to be brave. What do you mean?”

He then suggested to abandon VAR to which Klopp answered: “Oh, my God. Take VAR away. No. Use VAR better is probably the right thing and I think could be done.”

Klopp was also upset about VAR’s decision not to award his side a penalty against Arsenal.

Despite the VAR decisions going against his team, Liverpool sit at the top of the league, two points ahead of the Gunners.

The Reds resume their campaign next Monday against Newcastle.

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