Luis Suarez had his boot taken and hurled off the pitch by an opponent

Luis Suarez encountered an unusual incident during Gremio’s 3-0 triumph over Cruzeiro, where his boot was stolen and thrown off the pitch.

The Uruguayan forward signed a two-year contract with the Brazilian club in December 2022 and has managed to score 16 goals in 36 matches.

Despite speculations linking him to a potential reunion with former teammates Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba at Inter Miami, Suarez chose to remain with Gremio.

His contract was curtailed until 2023 due to significant knee issues, but Suarez continues to make an impact on the field. He even found the net during the victory at Arena do Gremio.

Luis Suarez displayed his unchanging nature and engaged in his usual antics during his recent match. Towards the end of the first half, while Gremio was in the lead, Suarez intentionally removed his boot dramatically near the touchline after it nearly came off.

In the midst of this action, the 36-year-old vehemently protested to the referee. However, his objections escalated when left-back Marlon Xavier went a step further and actually picked up Suarez’s boot, throwing it off the pitch.

Following this incident, Suarez immediately confronted the referee, pointing towards Marlon Xavier. The situation escalated to the point where Marlon Xavier received a yellow card for his actions, leaving him visibly furious, particularly after being cautioned for his behavior.

Felipe Carballo doubled Gremio’s lead in the 54th minute before Pepe sealed the win. Gremio are currently third in the Brazilian Serie A in what will be Suarez’s final season with the club.

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“I feel that next year I will not be able to perform due to my fitness and the high demands of the Brazilian championship which is why the club and I have spoken about ending my contract (with Gremio) a year early,” Suarez said in July.

“I don’t know if I’ll continue to play somewhere else because I have a chronic issue with my knee that you all know about.

“I’d ask Gremio supporters to value the fact that they have a 37-year-old player who always plays despite having a lot of pain in his knee. That’s all I ask.”

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