Manchester United and City have spent 765m euros on defenders since 2016

Manchester United’s signing ofRaphael Varanefor 50 million euros reinforces the trend that has been set at the top level of European football in recent years, with teams prioritising the construction of a rock-solid defence.

Nowhere has this trend been more evident than in Manchester, as bothManchester UnitedandManchester Cityhave spent 765m euros on defenders since 2016.


The value of this trend was evident in the blue half of Manchester last season, asManchester Citylooked to recover from a disappointing 2019/20 season by signingRuben Diasfor 68m euros fromBenfica, alongsideNathan Akefor 45.3m euros fromBournemouth.

Diaswould go on to play a pivotal role in the Sky Blues’ Premier League title triumph and run to the Champions League final, and the 24-year-old capped off an outstanding season by being named the Premier League Player of the Season.

As forManchester United,Alex Telleswas brought in for 15m euros fromPorto.


The summer of 2019 saw the Red Devils look to restructure their defence, as they splashed out on two key signings.Harry Maguirebecame the most expensive defender in Premier League history as he was signed for 85m euros fromLeicester City, whileAaron Wan-Bissakamoved to Old Trafford for 55 million euros fromCrystal Palace.

That summer,Manchester Cityspent 65 million onJoao CancelofromJuventus, as well asAngelinoandPedro Porrofor 12m euros each, but the latter two failed to establish themselves in the first team.


This was the quietest summer in terms of defensive signings for both clubs, withDiogo Dalot‘s arrival atManchester UnitedfromPortofor 22m euros the only reinforcement by either team to the back line.


ForManchester City,they spent 205.2m euros on defenders alone this summer, withAymeric Laportearriving fromAthletic Clubfor 65m euros,Daniloarriving for 30m euros fromReal Madrid,Kyle Walkermoving to the club for 52.7m euros fromTottenhamandBenjamin Mendyjoining for 57.5m euros fromMonaco.

As forManchester United, 35m euros were spent to signVictor LindeloffromBenfica, whose place in the starting XI now looks to be under threat followingVarane‘s arrival.


Shortly afterPep Guardiolaarrived atManchester Cityin the summer of 2016, he started work on restructuring his defence, asJohn Stonesarrived for 55.6m euros fromEvertonand asOleksandr Zinchenkoalso arrived on a 2m euro deal fromFC Ufa.

Jose Mourinhoalso got to work on building his defence after taking charge atManchester Unitedthat summer, asEric Baillyjoined on a 38m euro deal from Villarreal.

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