Manchester United fans claim Jack Grealish yellow card shows a double standard

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Manchester United fans were in uproar over the perceived ‘double standard’ after Jack Grealish clashed with Thomas Partey during Manchester City’s win over Arsenal.

Regarding clashes between two title rivals, it was a pretty gentle walk in the park for City on Wednesday.

Kevin de Bruyne scored early on, and Arsenal couldn’t get to grips with the tactical surprise that Pep Guardiola sprung on his former assistant, Mikel Arteta.

It didn’t get any better from there for the league leaders either, although it somehow took until injury time at the end of the first stanza of the game for John Stones to, somewhat controversially, add to the lead.

Although Manchester City dominated most of the game, it wasn’t all in their favor.

Rob Holding scored a consolation goal for Arsenal in the 86th minute of the game, bringing some joy to the defenders and fans.

There was some controversy during the match, with some believing that Ruben Diaz should have been sent off for kicking out at Ben White. Fans of Manchester United also believe that Grealish’s clash with Thomas Partey should have led to a red card for the City forward.

Grealish appeared to grab Partey by the scruff of the neck, and some fans drew comparisons to Casemiro’s red card for a similar incident against Crystal Palace.

“It’s not that Grealish should’ve been sent off, it’s just that Casemiro got sent off for something that happens so often in a game. The Premier League, especially after VAR are very prejudiced,” argued one fan.

“If Casemiro did what Grealish just did here, he would have been sent off,” added a second.

A third noted, “Casemiro was sent off for that but Grealish gets a yellow getting beyond a joke now.”

Still using the persecution complex, a fourth said, ” Jack Grealish grabs Partey by the collar, you may be thinking he will get a red card just like Casemiro but no. He doesn’t play forManchester Unitedso he’s allowed to do whatever.”

Adding in the terrible decision in the Liverpool and West Ham game on Wednesday, another posted, “Goodness, me just seen Grealish grab someone’s throat and the Thiago hand ball.

“This has been such a poor season for inconsistencies. Casemiro was sent off for less, I am not saying it is a red card. It’s not, but it was for united. and how that isn’t a handball I don’t understand.”

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