Marcelo chopped down in brutal red card challenge after humiliating opponent

Marcelo, known for his successful career in professional football, recently displayed a large smile on his face after embarrassing Luiz Araujo.

However, his expression quickly changed within moments.

The Brazilian footballer began his journey in the sport at Fluminense and later gained recognition for his exceptional performances at Real Madrid.

During his remarkable 15-year tenure at Los Blancos, Marcelo amassed an impressive record of 546 appearances and contributed to the team’s collection of 25 trophies.

In 2022, Marcelo bid farewell to Real Madrid and left the club as a free agent.

Following a brief stint with Olympiacos in Greece, he made a return to Fluminense earlier this year, rejoining his former club.

Marcelo hacked down by opponent after humiliating him during Fluminense vs Flamengo

Marcelo’s exceptional skill and ability make a compelling case for him to be regarded as one of the most skillful full-backs in the history of professional football.

Throughout his career, he has consistently showcased incredible touches and effortlessly embarrassed opponents with his silky skills.

During a recent Serie A clash between Fluminense and their fierce rivals Flamengo, the 35-year-old Marcelo once again demonstrated his mastery on the field.

Starting in the lineup as a veteran defender at the iconic Maracanã stadium, Marcelo’s involvement in the match took a dramatic turn in the closing moments.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Marcelo became the victim of a forceful tackle, resulting in Luiz Araujo’s dismissal from the game and Marcelo himself being substituted due to injury.

Prior to the incident, Marcelo found himself in a challenging situation near the left sideline.

With both Araujo and another Flamengo player closing in, it seemed highly likely that he would lose possession.

However, through a clever display of skill, Marcelo managed to evade trouble and maintain possession, leaving his opponents in awe.

Marcelo clearly enjoyed nutmegging Araujo as he let out a smile.

Araujo wasn’t as amused, though, and quickly got his revenge as he wiped Marcelo out with a brutal challenge. View the moment below…

Araujo was originally given a yellow card. VAR disagreed with that assessment and the decision was changed from yellow to red.

Marcelo felt the full force of the challenge and could not continue. He limped off and was replaced by Felipe Andrade.

The Brazilian was later seen with an ice-pack wrapped around his knee.

Marcelo’s skill went down well with his teammate, Falcao.

Taking to Instagram, Falcao shared a video of his skill alongside the caption: “He left futsal, but futsal didn’t leave him! You are absurd.”

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