Messi Tattoos & Their Meanings

Messi Tattoos & Their Meanings

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

The Barca captain, Lionel Messi Showing importance of familyby built-up his tattoo collection through his tremendous career.

Modern-day footballers show their personality by having a tattoo, although we saw 1980s athletes leading attitude by having perms and mustaches.

Some of the best footballers globally (David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Sergio Ramos) have allowed their bodies to become the canvas for ink artists, including five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi.

While his long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo is tattoo-free – reportedly because he regularly donates blood – the Barcelona and Argentina star has his fair share of inkwork, and they are situated all over his body.

Lionel Messi’s Tattoos Explanation

Messi Mother’s Tattoo(Location: Left Side of the Back)

Messi Mother's Tattoo

Messi Mother's Tattoo

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Mermillod.

The Tattoo of his mother, Celia, on his back wasMessi’svery first Tattoo. He’s a kind of family person whose priority is family. To show the importance of his mother, he got the portrait of his mother inked on his back. It’s Showing Messi has a very close relationship with his mother.

Messi leg’s tattoos
(Location: Left Calf)




“-A small boy becomes a big man through influence of a big man who cares about the small boy.”

The tattoos on Messi’s left leg are apicture of his son Thiago’s handsalong with the first-born child’snameon his calf, as well as thenumber 10– which he wears for both club and country – anda footballon his shin. Some People thought that it represents ‘Maradona’s Hand of God’ goal. Then, add his son’s name to the handprints tattoo.

Messi Jesus’ Tattoo(Location: Right Arm)

Messi Jesus' Tattoo (Location: Right Arm)

Like the first two previous tattoos, this Lionel Messi’s Tattoo’s meaning is also clear: his dedication to Christianity and Jesus Christ. Messi also has several tattoos on his right arm and has cultivated a sleeve over the years. A picture of Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns hangs from the shoulder at the top, presumably inspired by his religious beliefs.

MessiFootball‘ Tattoo(Location: Left Leg)

Messi Football' Tattoo (Location: Left Leg)

This Tattoo also clearly shows his passion for football. Messi had this passion from early childhood; he always played football with his brothers and cousins when he was a child. Messi developed a love for football from a young age by regularly playing with his brothers and cousins in the streets of Argentina. Today, Messi is known as the best football player in the World. He almost won everything in football except the international trophy, and He has achieved all this through his dedication and continuedly hard work towards his goals. To show his love and respect for the game, he got inked the football on his leg.

MessiLotus‘ Tattoo(Location: Right Arm)

Messi Lotus' Tattoo(Location: Right Arm)

Messi has a Lotus tattoo on his right arm. Messi’s Tattoo shows the clear meaning, but Lotus symbolizes rebirth, fresh start, purity, and enlightenment. It also has some spiritual implications.

Messi has grown from a poor Rosario boy to a worldwide superstar, so it’s no surprise that he has the sign of rebirth, new beginnings, purity, and enlightenment tattooed on him.

MessiRose Window‘ Tattoo(Right Elbow)

Messi Rose Window' Tattoo (Right Elbow)

Messi Rose Window' Tattoo (Right Elbow)

Another religious tattoo, Messi’s body, The ‘rose window’ Tattoo, a prominent feature of his body, is inspired by the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.

Rose windows are circular windows usually found in Gothic churches and cathedrals, although today’s term “rose window” is a general term used for any circular windows.

Antonella Eye’ Tattoo– Another gesture towards his beloved wife.

Antonella Eye' Tattoo - Another gesture towards his beloved wife.

ThisTattoo’smeaning is quite clear; it’s showing Messi’s love for his wife. Messi and Antonella know each other since their childhood, and they have been in a relationship since 2008. In 2017 this beautiful couple got married, and they have three children: the first son of Messi Thiago, born in 2012, the second name is Mateo, who was born in 2015; and Ciro Messi third child, born in 2018. And what more about the eye? As soon as one looks at it, he/she can recognize that it’s a woman’s eye. Also, consider that the watch is near Jesus Christ, Lotus, and rose window tattoos. It seems that Messi loves his wife as much as he loves his religion.

Messi King’s CrownTattoo(Location: Right Arm)

Messi King's Crown Tattoo (Location: Right Arm)

Messi King's Crown Tattoo (Location: Right Arm)

A crown tattoo can be seen just below the Jesus Christ tattoo on Messi’s right arm if you look closely. They say he got this Tattoo just for his wife, Antonella because she also has a queen tattoo on her right arm. So, the king and the queen! We don’t care about Messi’s wife, butMessi himselfis the king of football, in fact, in terms of the number of clubs and individual honors and rewards he has won. Don’t forget that no other footballer in the history of football – even football legends – has not won Ballon d’Or six times as Messi has done, so that crown may be there to remind you that he’s the king of football!

MessiNumber 10 Tattoo (Location: Left Leg)

Messi Number 10 Tattoo (Location: Left Leg)

It’s showing the Messi shirt number; the Barcelona legend is known as the best number 10 in football history, so there no surprise he had has number 10 tattoo on his leg. Messi previously wore a dagger with wings and roses motif on his entire sleeve, which he later removed. On his left shoulder, he now has handprints, the number 10, and football tattoos.

Messi Birthdates Tattoo (Location: Both Legs)

Messi Birthdates Tattoo (Location: Both Legs)

Messi Birthdates Tattoo (Location: Both Legs)

On both Messi’s legs, two Birthdate tattoos are almost the same. These ​birthdates of his sons and his wife. The difference between them is that the birthdates on Messi’s left leg are nothing more than dates, while their respective person’s name accompanies the ones on his right leg.

And why such a difference? Because his right leg had more space for the names to be tattooed, while on his left leg, the dates are tattooed inside the child’s hands – there was no more space for words. The birthdate of Thiago is November 2, 2012, Mateo’s is September 11, 2015, Ciro’s is March 10, 2018, and wife Anonella’s is February 26, 1988. Messi had the names of his three sons and his partner, Antonella, tattooed on his right thigh, along with their birthdates.

Kissing Lips (Location: Below the Waistline)

Kissing Lips (Location: Below the Waistline)

The kissing lips tattoo is the Tattoo of his wife Antonella’s lips, showing love for his wife and her importance. The couple was dating since 2008 and married in 2017, after almost ten years of dating.

Messi Mateo’s Tattoo (Location: Right Arm)

Mateo (Location: Right Arm)

This Messi tattoo doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a name of his second son’s name. In most of the tattoos, Messi is dedicated to his family members, showing love and concern for them.

Messi Giant Clock Tattoo (Location: Right Forearm)

Think how precious the time you have to spend, whether it’s work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. What is this Lionel Messi’s tattoo meaning? A giant clock? That big clock there may mean Messi cares for a time as the most valuable asset any person has in his/her own life. This proves that time is the most precious commodity a person can possess during his lifetime.

Messi Clock Cogs Tattoo(Location: Right Forearm)

Messi Clock Cogs Tattoo(Location: Right Forearm)

The space between Messi’s wrist and the massive clock on his forearm is filled with cogs. Two of them look like part of them is behind the clock, which has improved the scene’s realism, not to mention the overall setalso looks three-dimensional. As we already said, the clock on Messi’s forearm connotes the importance of time. And cogs? They are inseparable parts of a watch that make a clockwork, so the whole collection – we mean the clock and its cogs – refer to the same thing the giant clock itself relates to time is important Timepiece Cogs’ Tattoo on his right forearm.

The timepiece cogs tattoos also are considered the reminder of passing thetime, often reflecting the wish to live in the present moment rather thanlooking past or worrying about the future.

Messi Rosary Tattoo(Location: Right Forearm)

Messi Rosary Tattoo(Location: Right Forearm)

Rosary forms the outline of Messi’s hometown, Rosario, and the rosary tattooed onto the Barcelona star’s forearm also refers to that rosary. Beautiful or what? Whatever it is, it at least refers to something – we mean it is not meaningless. The artist who tattooedMessi, Roberto Lopez, once said about this rosary tattoothat Messi’s intention concerning the rosary tattoo has been creating a scenethat depicted different stages of his life. It seems that has not been possible,and that has not happened; what is happened is that orange flowers havehighlighted the rosary scene on Messi’s forearm. A clock and a part of themechanism of Cronos, God of time. According to Japanese culture, the flower ofLotus means that no matter where you come from, when you least expect it, on eday, you will bloom. The cocoon of that flower represents the son.”

Messi South America and Europe Maps Tattoo

Meaning:No clear piece of information regarding this Tattoo is available.

They say Messi has also had the map of South America and Europe Maps tattooed onto his right arm, but the exact location is not known, and There isn’t even a screenshot to prove it. Messi is unlikely to get such a tattoo.

Dagger with Wings (Location: Left Leg)

Dagger with Wings (Location: Left Leg)

A dagger with wings is a symbol of protection from the guardian angel. The power to rise beyond the risk telling the Messi Tattoo Messi conveys the message that his guardian angel has been protecting him and maybe helped him be such a successful footballer? You tell us! If flames surrounded the dagger or there were flames on it, that would be the symbol of Christianity or purity. And if you look closely at Messi’s dagger tattoo, there are no flames, indicating that he is not religious, at least not in this case.Tattoo:‘Dagger with Wings’ Tattoo on his left leg.Earlier,Messi had a dagger with wings tattoo covered with a roses pattern in its

surroundings. The football superstar was trolled many times on social media forthis Tattoo. Due to all this, he got covered with tattoos on his left leg. Now,only his son’s name, along with the handprints, number 10, and football tattoo,is visible.

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