Michael Carrick clips at Man Utd go viral as people put respect on his name

Throughout the Sir Alex Ferguson era at Manchester United, Michael Carrick’s contributions on the pitch were often overlooked, resulting in him being underrated by fans.

Despite his consistent performances and instrumental role in the team, Carrick’s style of play, which focused on the details and finer aspects of the game, didn’t always capture widespread attention.

As a result, his abilities and performances largely went underappreciated.

However, in recent times, fans have begun to recognize and acknowledge Carrick’s immense value and impact on the team, finally giving him the credit he deserves.

Recent viral videos on Twitter showcasing some of Michael Carrick’s notable performances at Manchester United have played a significant role in gaining him the respect and appreciation he deserves from fans.

Despite being surrounded by star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Ryan Giggs, Carrick’s contributions to the team were often overshadowed and he went relatively unnoticed.

However, these videos have shed light on his importance and fans are now recognizing the crucial role he played in the team’s success.

The newfound appreciation for Carrick highlights his talent and the significant impact he had on Manchester United during his time at the club.

What videos of Michael Carrick have gone viral?

The videos of Carrick that went viral this week have showcased some of the incredible ability that he had in his locker during his time at Old Trafford.

The first, a compilation from his performance against Inter Milan in the Champions League back in 2009, demonstrates how influential he was and the impact he had on the contest. It highlights how he operated under the radar with his defensive work, but fans are now impressed.

The subsequent three clips highlight Michael Carrick’s exceptional passing ability, which was often overlooked and underrated for over a decade.

Each video showcases Carrick’s remarkable vision and precision in delivering long passes that created scoring opportunities for his team.

These clips are finally gaining the recognition they deserve from fans, who are now appreciating Carrick’s talents.

Notably, two of the shared clips are from the same game, demonstrating Carrick’s ability to dominate and dictate the outcome of matches, despite rarely receiving the plaudits he deserved.

This newfound appreciation is a testament to Carrick’s influence on the pitch and the impact he had on Manchester United’s fortunes.

The first, shows Carrick firing a first-time pass over the top of the Bolton Wanderers defence, with Rooney getting on the end of it before finding the back of the net, while the second showcased another impressive ball played by the now-41-year-old down the flanks to Louis Saha which eventually led to another goal for the Red Devils.

The final video once again showed his impressive play-making skills. Mere yards into the opposition half, Carrick fired an inviting ball over the Chelsea backline, finding Javier Hernandez in the area who fired a looping header over Petr Cech.

While Chicharito earned plaudits for the fine finish, the Englishman’s fantastic cross deserved just as much, if not more, attention.

What are fans saying about Michael Carrick online?

The clips have all gone viral online, with fans heaping praise on Carrick and his underrated ability, and it feels like a long time coming.

One fan claimed the former United man is the most underrated footballer in Premier League history, a statement that’s actually quite hard to argue against.

Another hailed Carrick as the most underrated talent to ever play for the Red Devils.

It didn’t take long for fans to start speculating how much money Carrick would be worth if he were to play nowadays.

With the likes of Declan Rice going for £105m, there are certain people online who think the former United man would break transfer records, with one fan claiming that the former midfielder would cost over £200m if he were available on the transfer market today.

Another didn’t go quite that far but still believes he’d be worth at least £100m these days if he were still playing in his prime.

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