Mother of Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales ‘locks herself in church’ and enters hunger strike

The absurdity surrounding the controversy involving the disgraced Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales, has taken an even more remarkable turn with reports suggesting that his mother has initiated a hunger strike.

Rubiales became embroiled in a significant scandal following Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup, when he was captured on camera kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips while on stage during the medal presentation.

In a subsequent interview, the Pachuca CF player openly expressed her discomfort, stating, “I did not enjoy that.” Additionally, the 46-year-old president also kissed team captain Aitana Bonmati on the lips. These actions triggered widespread criticism and numerous calls for his resignation.

In a bizarre press conference, Rubiales defended himself and stated he would not be stepping down from his position and the Spanish FA issued a statement claiming that Hermoso was fine with the kiss.

The player then put out her own statement saying she was pressured into such words and 81 female players said they would not play for Spain until Rubiales was no longer in charge.

FIFA have suspended the former player but in a shocking new development, it’s claimed that Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar is going on hunger strike in protest at what she believes to be a “manhunt” against him.

She is said to have locked herself in the Divina Pastora church in Montril and demanding that Hermoso “tell the truth”.

As per theDaily Express,Bejar has been in the church with her sister since Monday morning and plans to stay there until “justice” is served.

Men’s players such as David de Gea, Isco, Borja Iglesias and Sevilla stars have made their stance clear, while 11 members of Spain’s coaching team have resigned from their positions and showed support for Hermoso.

Manager Jorge Vilda is still in his role but backed Hermoso.

Rubiales is now suspended from all football-related activity while disciplinary proceedings ensue.

A statement from the Spanish FA said: “Luis Rubiales has stated that he will legally defend himself in the competent bodies, he fully trusts FIFA and reiterates that, in this way, he is given the opportunity to begin his defence so that the truth prevails.”

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