Mykhailo Mudryk gets absolutely cooked by US influencer for shaming gym-goer

Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk has been slammed in a viral video for his Instagram post…

Mykhailo Mudryk has been savagely called out by fitness influencer Joey Swoll on social media after theChelseawinger shared footage on his Instagram story of an elderly man working out at a gym.

It has not been the start to life in London that Mudryk might have hoped for when he signed for the club in January.

The Ukrainian joined the Blues for £89 million, but he has not played as regularly as his price tag might have suggested he would.

Despite showing promise during his debut against Liverpool, the 22-year-old has only started six league matches for the club, recording just two assists.

Mudryk blasted for latest Instagram story

Far from ideal for the young star.

And now, Mudryk’s life off the pitch has also come into focus, after he posted an Instagram story which recorded an old man on a rowing machine with a personal trainer.

He had captioned it with a question mark with a blurred box in front of the guy’s trousers, indicating an embarassing wardrobe malfunction.

That itself did not go viral. But the response of content creator Joey Swoll certainly did.

Swoll has amassed 6.7 million followers on TikTok alone, with the man-mountain calling out those who are rude or disrespectful in gyms in his social media videos.

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Soon after seeing Mudryk’s cruel post, he decided to film his own response.

Captioned “Either help him or mind your own business but put your damn phone away,” Swoll blasted the footballer for his decision to record the man and upload the footage.

“So you see that man at the gym, working hard, trying to better himself, with a trainer,” he said.

“He’s in an embarrassing situation where, yes, he’s a little exposed. And you decide: ‘Hey, let me take a video of it to post on social media to make fun of him’, all for attention.

“Really? Pardon my language, but what the f*ck is wrong with you? You’re a professional soccer player, you play for Chelsea in the Premier League!

“Is this really how you want to represent yourself and your team?”

Video: Mudryk called out by Joey Swoll

Swoll’s response has been viewed more than one million times on TikTok and more than two million times on Twitter.

And given the criticism Mudryk has faced on the pitch, criticism for his off-field conduct is hardly what he needs at the moment.

His side are next in action against Manchester United on Thursday, with Chelsea and Mudryk hoping to finish the season as strongly as possible.

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