Nashville fans’ ’embarrassing’ chant about Lionel Messi going viral has raised eyebrows in the soccer community

Nashville fans’ attempt at mocking Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi has backfired.

In July, Messi made the decision to leave European football, departing Paris Saint-Germain for an MLS venture with Inter Miami.

Messi’s presence in the team has significantly transformed Inter Miami’s performance. Under his influence, the team went on a nine-match unbeaten streak.

Leading up to their match against Nashville, the fans devised a new chant to taunt Messi. However, the outcome of this attempt was less successful, and you can watch the footage below to witness the incident.

The fans were heard chanting ‘Messi sucks, hey! Messi sucks!’ repeatedly.

Fans were quick to react to the chant on social media.

One said: “Petition to ban football in the US.”

Another joked: “This is just going too far, nobody should ever get this level of abuse.”

A third fan added: “I don’t know how Messi will cope in such a hostile environment.”

Someone else wrote: “Why are there chants so bad? I don’t get it.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “This is actually embarrassing, how will Messi cope with that!?”

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Since joining the club, Messi has played nine matches for Inter Miami across all competitions, scoring 11 and assisting three.

As it has been a fairytale start to his career in America, some people have even boldly claimed that the matches have been fixed for Messi to win.

Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham said: “Every time Leo [Messi] scores one of these goals, every time Busi [Sergio Busquets] makes one of these passes, every time Jordi [Alba] makes one of these runs, people say ‘Is it a fix?’

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“It’s the biggest compliment that anyone can give these players because it is like a movie. You watch these players play and it’s emotional because everything about their play is beautiful. Everything about their mannerisms is beautiful and everything about them as individuals, off the pitch, is beautiful.”

Inter Miami will be back in MLS action on Wednesday night as they take on Nashville.

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