Neymar reaction was so dramatic after losing 1 million euros in an online poker game last night

According to the Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte, Neymar,Paris Saint-Germain star and avid poker player, had an unfortunate Thursday evening as he reportedly lost approximately €1 million (equivalent to around £880,000) during an online casino session.

For many of us, the sum of money Neymar reportedly lost during his live-streamed casino session on Twitch is nothing short of a fantasy – we simply can’t fathom having such a vast amount of money at our disposal.

However, the reality of losing €1 million in just an hour is what the Paris Saint-Germain star and passionate poker player experienced, and the fact that he was live streaming his session on Twitch allowed us to witness firsthand what such a substantial loss looks like.

After reportedly losing €1 million during his live-streamed casino session on Twitch, Neymar’s reaction was somewhat dramatic – he proceeded to fake cry and then scream, followed by a playful Titanic-themed tune.

He then exclaimed, “Oh f**k” before bursting into laughter, while a friend could be heard commenting that he had gone “from a million to zero in 60 minutes.” Neymar, however, didn’t appear too distraught by his loss and even joked about posting the video on YouTube.

VIDEO: Neymar reacts to losing €1million in 60 minutes

Undoubtedly, the €1 million loss in the casino session would hardly make a dent in Neymar’s overall wealth, as he is one of the highest-paid football players in the world.

In fact, according to French outlet L’Equipe, the 31-year-old earns a staggering €3,675,000 every month in wages at Paris Saint-Germain, a figure that doesn’t even take into account his numerous lucrative sponsorships and endorsements.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that losing €1 million in a casino session wouldn’t have a significant impact on Neymar’s financial status.

Will Neymar stay at PSG?

Neymar is currently injured for the rest of the season and there is an element of uncertainty surrounding his future at the Parc des Princes.

However, according to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, Neymar wants to finish his career in France.

Ornstein writes: “Neymar is often linked with a return to Barcelona and moves elsewhere, but he has stayed at PSG and that looks set to remain the case — because the 31-year-old wants to finish his career there.

“Neymar’s wish is to finish his playing days with PSG and help them achieve further success, particularly in the one tournament they are yet to conquer.”

No wonder Neymar wants to stay in Paris and continue earning ridiculous money – because he needs that sort of wage to fund his poker habit!

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