N’Golo Kante received a standing ovation from Chelsea fans as he drove away in his Mini

On Tuesday, N’Golo Kante made his return to the Chelsea squad after being sidelined due to injury since August.

In the match against Liverpool, Kante demonstrated his exceptional abilities and reminded everyone of his talent.

During the 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge, he was omnipresent and covered a lot of ground.

Although he showed signs of fatigue after 69 minutes, his performance was still impressive.

When he was replaced by Conor Gallagher, Kante received a standing ovation, which was a great moment for him and the fans.

Carragher: Liverpool ‘forgot’ how good Kante was

Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher, claims that Liverpool players ‘forgot how good’ Kante was.

“It was almost as if some of the Liverpool players forgot who N’Golo Kante was and how good he is,”Carragher said.

“You don’t try and take him on or better him physically. You just need to stay away from him really. Two or three times Liverpool players tried to take him on.

“He’s been out for so long that some of the Liverpool players seemed to forget what N’Golo Kante is all about

Apart from receiving a standing ovation when he was substituted during the Liverpool match, N’Golo Kante was also applauded when he left the stadium.

Despite being one of the best footballers in the Premier League, Kante is known for his humility and avoids the spotlight.

He seems uninterested in material possessions and focuses on his passion for the sport.

Despite being a successful footballer, Kante appears to have a simple taste when it comes to his car.

Although he may own several vehicles, he is frequently spotted driving his cherished Mini Cooper.

On Wednesday, Kante departed Stamford Bridge in his Mini Cooper, which he is known to cherish. Henry Winter, the Chief Football Writer for The Times, witnessed Kante leaving the stadium and took note of the reaction from the Chelsea fans as he departed.

Winter wrote: “N’Golo Kante getting another standing ovation from#CFCfans – this time as he drives out of Stamford Bridge in his Mini.”

And a video later emerged of Chelsea supporters still waiting outside the stadium for a glimpse of their players, applauding Kante as he left the stadium in his Mini.


Carragher’s Sky Sports colleague, Karen Carney, also reserved some praise for the midfielder for his display.

“I thought he was brilliant,” she said. “He just offers that stability in midfield and a bit more confidence.

How Fans react on TWITTER

One Twitter user wrote: “He’s such a ledge.”

A second tweeted: “What a player.”

A third added: “I love that man.”

A fourth said: “He was outstanding honestly. 32 years old and playing like he was at his peak.”

Another commented: “Kante is an absolute joy, I almost forgot how good he was at winning possession and then laying off perfectly weighted forward passes. He is incredible.”

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