Pep Guardiola engages in a humorous altercation with a Man City fan during the Newcastle match

Pep Guardiola was seen engaging in a humorous interaction with a Manchester City supporter during their Premier League match against Newcastle United.

At the Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, the reigning champions, City, aimed to secure their second consecutive victory against Eddie Howe’s Magpies. The latter had achieved a resounding 5-1 triumph over Aston Villa in the previous week.

Following an initially cautious beginning to the game, Manchester City managed to secure the leading goal courtesy of a spectacular strike by Julian Alvarez in the 31st minute.

As the second half progressed, Newcastle began to assert themselves, causing a touch of concern among City fans.

In an intriguing moment, City’s manager, Guardiola, was observed having a lively exchange with a fan. During the exchange, he seemed to jest with the fan, even suggesting for them to take his place on the bench.

Have a look at the footage below.

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “Pep Guardiola has an altercation with a fan. He is saying something like that he should come and take his place on the bench!”

Another tweeted: “Pep Guardiola to the fans: “if you think you’re better than me come here and do my job”

A third fan added: “Pep telling a fan to come and manage the team.”

Someone else wrote: “Pep Guardiola telling a fan who asked him to make some changes to come and do it himself.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Pep Guardiola just told a fan in the stands to come sit in his seat if he thinks he could do a better job.”

Another fan said: “Pep Guardiola signals to a fan in the stands to come and take his seat if he knows better!”

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City eventually managed to hold out to win 1-0 against a stubborn Newcastle side to make it six points out of six.

Guardiola’s men will be back in action next Sunday as they take on Sheffield United.

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