Pep Guardiola pushes the camera away after being captured in a heated argument with Erling Haaland

Despite Erling Haaland’s achievement of scoring two goals for Manchester City in their ongoing match against Burnley, a notable incident occurred at half-time where Pep Guardiola was observed passionately addressing the Norwegian striker.

Even though City holds a 2-0 lead, courtesy of Haaland’s brace, Guardiola exhibited his dissatisfaction with the center-forward during the halftime interval.

The manager was captured moving assertively towards Haaland, delivering impassioned remarks as they made their way off the field.

Upon realizing the presence of cameras, Guardiola gestured to push them away, although he subsequently engaged in a verbal exchange with Haaland, who remained composed amid the situation.

You can watch the furious row below…

Guardiola is well renowned for his passion on the touchline and close attention to detail. While his man-management is considered genius by some, others may have seen the Spaniard’s public outburst unnecessary.

Only time will tell what their fiery discussion was all about, but for the time being, Haaland remains City’s game changer with less than half an hour to play.

Supporters were quick to react to the strange moment, replying to the video on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “This man can never be happy”.

“What else does he want?” another exclaimed.

Pep wants some attention…” a third added.

And after just three minutes, City were ahead as last season’s Golden Boot winner Haaland tapped home Rodri’s header back across goal.

With 10 minutes to go until half-time, Haaland was at the double as he curled the ball in off the crossbar with an insinctive finish to make it 2-0.

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