Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer caught in very strange interview after City vs Chelsea thriller

Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer had an awkward Sky Sports interview after Manchester City’s 4-4 draw with Chelsea.

After a thrilling Premier League encounter against their former club, City, Palmer and Sterling underwent their media commitments and things were awkward.

The seemingly curmudgeon Sterling appeared guarded during Sky Sports touchline reporter Patrick Davidson’s questioning, only to at one point blink profusely due to some irritation in his eye.

Concerned, Davidson said: “Do you have something in your eye? What’s going on here?”

With Sterling clearly uncomfortable, the Sky reporter added: “Oh you’ve got – come here, You’ve got glass in you eye.”

As Davidson went to assist Sterling, the Chelsea winger retreated, complaining that he merely had “dirt” in his eye.

With the interview completely derailed and mildly awkward, Sterling attempted to lighten the tone, by presenting his team-mate Cole Palmer with the man of the match award.

Before then, the pair had spoken about playing against their former club.

On the matter Sterling said: “I had a great time at City, people know what I can do. It’s just go out there and perform. The building block the team is doing, I’m proud to be part of it.”

Meanwhile, Palmer, who only signed for Chelsea from City this summer, added: “Very straight first time I played against City, I have great respect for the club I spent 15 years at. Great to see some friends, we were unlucky to get the win.

“I have many City fans at home, but it’s the game innit.

“It was a long time waiting, but I felt confident. I’ve had a few now, I kept focused in the 90-something minute. I won’t say I work on penalties, I don’t. I just trusted in my ability.

“I was excited to see the game, we went behind a few times and bounced back.”

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