Raphinha sent off for elbowing opponent in Barcelona’s La Liga opener against Getafe

The Brazilian player allowed his emotions to get the better of him, potentially endangering his team’s position.

Barcelona commenced their La Liga season on Sunday evening, launching their title defense with a 0-0 draw against Getafe. However, their progress was hindered significantly due to a reckless action by Raphinha.

During the initial half of the match, as anticipated, Barcelona controlled the ball possession, fashioning a few scoring opportunities.

Getafe adopted a resolute stance to remain competitive and even managed to create a couple of chances themselves. Their momentum received a substantial boost shortly prior to halftime.

In a seemingly controlled situation in the midfield, with little expectation of any unexpected events, Raphinha chose to take an unforeseen action.

Raphinha sent off for moment of madness

As Barcelona held possession of the ball, intending to initiate an offensive play from their defensive lines, the former Leeds player opted to make a forward run, positioning himself behind the opposing defensive line to offer a passing option.

During this movement, an incidental collision occurred between him and a Getafe defender, appearing initially to be an unintentional encounter. However, this assumption was incorrect.

Upon closer examination through replays, it became evident that the Brazilian had intentionally raised his elbow, making contact with his opponent’s head during their clash. The motivations behind this action remain unclear.

It is possible that his frustration arose from his attacking maneuver being detected and tracked by the opposition, or perhaps he succumbed to a moment of emotional instability. Nevertheless, no justification can excuse the actions he chose to undertake.

The individual involved in this incident was Gaston Alvarez, who sustained a significant impact to his head during the collision.

His teammates and coaches expressed their immediate discontent, with those on the sidelines hastily moving towards the touchline.

Raphinha seemed to acknowledge his misconduct and realization that he was caught, which prompted the referee to present him with a red card.

In contrast to his teammates who protested the decision, Raphinha responded by merely laughing and exiting the field.

You can watch the incident for yourselves below. Barcelona manager, Xavi, will no doubt be disappointed with his player.

Video: Raphinha sent off for elbowing Alvarez

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