Rasmus Højlund could be became Man Utd’s fastest player-footage shows just how rapid he is

Manchester United is on the verge of signing a speed demon in the form of Rasmus Højlund.

The club has reportedly reached a £75 million agreement for the transfer of the Atalanta player.

Højlund’s incredible speed could make him the fastest player in the entire Manchester United squad, surpassing the likes of Marcus Rashford, Antony, and Alejandro Garnacho, who are already known for their rapid pace under manager Erik ten Hag.

The potential addition of the Danish striker highlights the remarkable speed he possesses, making him a notable player in the club’s speed rankings.

His arrival could bring an exciting dynamic to the team’s attacking options and provide a new level of pace and agility on the pitch.

Indeed, the prospect of Rasmus Højlund’s pace and potential evokes both excitement and trepidation for Premier League defenses, especially considering how they have been overwhelmed by Erling Haaland’s formidable combination of speed and power.

While Højlund has big shoes to fill if he is to match Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess at Manchester City, the fact that he is just 20 years old presents an incredible opportunity for growth and development.

As a young talent, he possesses all the necessary attributes to refine his skills and elevate his game to a higher level.

Manchester United fans can anticipate a thrilling and promising future for Højlund as he joins the team, and they will undoubtedly be eager to witness his progress and contribution to the squad in the seasons to come.

How quickly can Rasmus Højlund run 100 metres?

Per theDaily Mail, Atalanta boss Gian Piero Gasperini said after a win against Lazio: “He is so quick, he’s under 11 seconds over 100m and that’s not even trying very hard.”

This comment will have supporters of his prospective new club imagining all the times Bruno Fernandes will play the ball over the top of a defence for Højlund to get on the end of.

Gasperini’s positive remarks about Rasmus Højlund’s potential are certainly encouraging.

The coach highlights Højlund’s low center of gravity and swift leg movement, which are essential attributes that contribute to his ability to accelerate and maneuver effectively on the field.

The Atalanta manager is convinced that Højlund’s continuous improvement will lead him to a successful career.

Online clips showcasing Højlund’s skills validate the praise he has received. In one particular video, he displays his explosive speed and dribbling prowess.

Even when facing multiple Lazio defenders with a head-start, Højlund confidently bypasses them, leaving them struggling to keep up with his speed.

These clips demonstrate the Danish striker’s immense potential and provide a glimpse of what he can bring to Manchester United’s attacking lineup.

With such promising qualities and a dedicated approach to improvement, Højlund’s future in the football world appears to be very bright.

The finish at the end will cause slight concern for United supporters, but that can be fixed through training whereas his natural pace cannot be taught.

This begs the question, who would be the young striker’s biggest competition within his new squad in a race?

Who was the fastest Manchester United player in 2022/23?

The club released alist of playersthat clocked the highest speeds during their 2022/23 campaign back in June.

Rashford, perhaps predictably, was the fastest player in the team with a quickest sprint of 35.95 km/h.

It may come as a surprise that Diogo Dalot finished second on this list with a top speed of 35.76 km/h.

Brazilian winger, Antony, was the third-quickest player in United’s squad with both left-backs Luke Shaw and Tyrell Malacia coming fourth and fifth respectively.

All four of the full-backs at the club ranked within the top six of the fastest players as Aaron Wan-Bissaka clocked in at 34.42 km/h.

Young Swedish forward – Anthony Elanga – may have only been used sparingly throughout the duration of the season but still made his way into the top 10 fastest players as he came seventh.

Another shock to fans that rely on the eye test alone may be that Jadon Sancho (33.96 km/h) had a faster sprint time than Garnacho (33.92 km/h).

Injuries have caught up to Anthony Martial over the years as he would have once been at the top of this ranking, but instead could only hit a speed of 33.56 km/h.

No midfield players or central defenders make it into the top 10 which may not come as a shock as Casemiro, Bruno Fernandes and Raphael Varane are not renowned for their pace.

Atalanta revealed via an Instagram post that their departing star ran at a speed of 35.97 km/h which puts him ahead of every single United player.

There’s no doubt Rashford will be pushing himself a little bit more to regain him spot as the fastest player at the club.

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