Roy Keane allegedly taunted the Arsenal fans when Man United scored

Roy Keane was reportedly seen taunting Arsenal fans when Manchester United scored during their intense Premier League match last weekend.

Keane, alongside fellow Sky Sports pundit Micah Richards, was involved in a heated confrontation with a fan during the Arsenal vs. Man United game. A shocking video footage shows the former Manchester City defender restraining an individual who allegedly headbutted the former Manchester United captain, leading to the fan’s subsequent arrest.

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed the arrest of a 42-year-old man in connection with the incident.

It is claimed that Keane and Richards were walking from the Sky Sports studio towards the pitch in order to conduct their post-match analysis.

While the Irishman waited for a lift to take him down to the pitchside area, a man aimed a headbutt, hitting him on the chest and chin.

Fresh reports, however, now claim Keane was ‘giving it to the Arsenal fans’ following Marcus Rashford’s opener, which would up the Emirates faithful.

A source toldThe Sun: “Keane was giving it to the Arsenal fans when United scored, and it wound some up. He seemed to be provoking them.

“He broke his nose and Keane didn’t seem to be hurt at all, just a bit shaken up.”

Roy Keane and Micah Richards working for Sky Sports. Image: Getty
Roy Keane and Micah Richards working for Sky Sports. Image: Getty

Another supporter who witnessed the incident added: “The fan seemingly tried to headbutt Roy Keane.

“Micah Richards stepped in and pushed the fan back against the door. I heard the altercation and I was shocked to see the individuals involved.”

Keane and Richards were left ‘shaken’ by the incident but continued their Sky Sports duties.

As a result of the clash between Keane and the fan, the company will review their security for its pundits for the rest of the season.

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