Simon Jordan reacts to Everton’s points deduction and makes bold Man City claim

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has reacted to news of Everton’s 10-point deduction by the Premier League – and made a claim surrounding Manchester City.

The Premier League confirmed in a statement than an independent commission had handed the Toffees a 10-point penalty for breaching the division’s Profit and Sustainability rules.

The deduction drops Everton into the relegation zone, where they sit 19th on four points – two away from safety.

In aclub statement, the Toffees branded the punishment as ‘a wholly disproportionate and injust sporting sanction’, and confirmed their intention to appeal’.

The club’s interim chief executive officer, Colin Chong, went one step further and called the punishment ‘unprecedented and disproportionate’.

Numerous high-profile figures from English football have had their say on the sanction, including boyhood Everton fan Jamie Carragher. He described the deduction as ‘excessive and not right’.

Now, speaking ontalkSPORT, former Palace owner Simon Jordan has had his say.

He said: “The Premier League’s attitude is, they’ve got an independent regulator coming in, they want to be shown to be able to clean house. Cleaning house means enforcing Financial Fair Play and the disciplines behind it.

“I wonder, if this had been two or three years ago, would Everton have got the same situation?

“But 10 points is a significant penalty. I’m not surprised that they’re appealing it. They’re going to get a points penalty, it’s not an argument that they’re going to get this removed away.

“I thought there might be an element of the Premier League bottling it, because the next cab off the rank is going to be Manchester City. Once you set a precedent of points, you’ve got that in your armoury and you’re going to use it again.

“Man City will be looking at this with interest. But Everton’s situation is much more binary, Man City is a much more convoluted set of cases. Everton’s is about allowable adjustments.”

He went on to claim: “If they [Everton] have got arguments, their accountants must be able to put up arguments. They must have been able to put these arguments up to file them through Companies House, because they’ve signed these accounts off.

“Auditors will have gone through and said, these adjustments have reasonable sustainability. So it becomes an argument of whose accountancy point of view is right.

“It does feel to me that, if that is the argument that it’s turned on, 10 points is a bloody heavy penalty.”

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