Some people don’t remember how good Guti was

Guti Hernandez “The Hardworking Player Who Is Not Considered a Legend”

A football genius and a true Real Madrid fan. After 24 seasons with the club, he became one of the best examples for all of the youth team players who dream of starring one day for the first team. Guti played at every level for the club and eventually achieved the distinction of winning 15 trophies and being one of the first team captains.

550 appearances and 15 trophies in 25 years, Guti Hernandez, is often cited as a loyal steward of star players. Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez, or ‘Guti’ alone deserves to be included in the list of legendary players in the world, or at least for Real Madrid.

For some people, Guti’s career may not be that great. But actually, the 183 cm tall player has a crucial role in the glittering squad owned by the club nicknamed Los Galacticos.

Guti is like a story, a street story that some people believe in, and many don’t. This means that, despite having such a real role, Guti’s genius is not too trusted.

Many people “prefer” to remember Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, to Raul Gonzales, rather than having to talk about Guti in a chat about the greatness of el Real.

Football lovers don’t really remember him so much that Guti was dubbed an “extras” player. Yes, maybe if there was an extra player award in football, Guti might be the king.

Some people don’t remember how good Guti was and that’s a shame

Some people don’t remember how good Guti was and that’s a shame 🙃

— Goal (@goal) June 6, 2021

Over the years, Guti matured as a player and earned his place in the first team with all of the coaches who took over at the club. He also won over the fans in the Santiago Bernabéu with his extraordinary passes, his breathtaking skill and his undeniable commitment to the cause of his beloved Real Madrid.

A technically-gifted player.“It’s much harder to see players like Guti in today’s game. People remember me because I was a bit different. When the crowd really started getting on my back was when I most wanted the ball. When the team was winning, I’d lose interest in the game. But if we were losing, I’d want to show them: ‘Here I am'”.


3 European Cups

2 Intercontinental Cups

1 European Super Cup

5 Ligas

4 Spanish Super Cups

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