Son Heung Min was corrected by a reporter after mispronouncing a teammate’s name at Spurs

Son Heung-Min was corrected by a reporter after he mispronounced the name of his Tottenham Hotspur teammate.

On Sunday, Spurs played at the Emirates Stadium to maintain their unbeaten start to the season against local rivals Arsenal.

Despite falling behind twice, with an own goal from Cristian Romero and a Bukayo Saka penalty, Son managed to secure a 2-2 draw by scoring two goals.

After the match, the Spurs captain shared a brilliant moment with a reporter after he pronounced teammate Micky van de Ven’s name incorrectly.

Here is how the conversation played out between Son and the reporter.

Son: “We’re talking about Micky van de Ve.”

Reporter: “Yeah, how do you pronounce him? How do you pronounce him?”

Son: “Micky van de Ve.”

Reporter: “Micky van de Ven we say, with an N.”

Son: “Ah van de Ven. Oh wow.”

Looking ahead to Spurs’ next match, van de Ven said they have nothing to fear as they gear up for a huge clash against Liverpool.

The Dutchman told the Daily Mirror: “I don’t think we have fear for another team. It would be strange if you have fear for another team.

“If you go into a game and are like ‘what a team they have’ then I don’t think it is positive.”

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Van de Ven added: “We are building together something we want to reach this season. I think it is going really well and we help each other. We fight for each other and we have to keep that going. I think it’s maybe going to be a nice year.

“It was a difficult game. Of course, Arsenal had chances. We also had chances. You always want more, you always want the three points. But at the end we have one point and we have to build on to Liverpool.”

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