Son Heung-min was unable to take a selfie with a fan using her phone due to a strict rule

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min had to decline taking a selfie with a fan due to a strict rule in his contract.

Son is currently away on international duty with South Korea and made time to engage with supporters. Despite playing the full 90 minutes in South Korea’s recent friendly against Wales, which ended in a 0-0 draw at Cardiff City Stadium, he continued to interact with fans.

However, one fan’s request to have Son hold her phone for a selfie was politely declined by the player. He explained that his contract with mobile phone provider Samsung prohibited him from holding any other phones. Nevertheless, Son happily posed for a selfie with the fan, with the condition that she held the device.

@stevie_king Son cant hold fans iphone to take a selfie due to his contract with samsung. #son #sonny #heuingminson #sonheungmin #spurs #tottenhamfc #tottenhamhotspur ♬ original sound – stevieking

Son Heung-min was unveiled as the brand ambassador for Samsung’s Galaxy line in July. He has a history of partnering with renowned brands, including Calvin Klein and TUMI, a luxury suitcase and travel bag manufacturer.

Given his association with Samsung, Son is understandably motivated to maintain a positive relationship with his new sponsors. This is crucial to prevent any potential issues or the termination of his endorsement deal, as was the case with Ronaldinho in 2012. Maintaining a strong and mutually beneficial partnership is essential for both the player and the sponsor.

The Brazilian superstar was sponsored by Coca-Cola and according to reports, he was earning $760,000 [£500,000] per-year from the deal that was set to expire in 2014.

Despite this, the former Barcelona midfielder sat beside two cans of Pepsi, one of Coca-Cola’s main competitors, during the press conference, even taking a sip from one of the cans – which ultimately ended his lucrative deal with the drinks brand.

Days later and Marcelo Pontes, the Coca-Cola marketing chief, told Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo: “The fact that the player has appeared with a can of Pepsi was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“The sponsorship had become embarrassing,” he added.

Coca-Cola also released a statement on the incident which read: “Coca-Cola recognises the career and value of Ronaldinho. However due to recent developments it has become impossible to continue the partnership.”

Son, meanwhile, was attune to the situation and appeared to deal with the awkward encounter expertly and politely.

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