Spanish FA chief allegedly makes an obscene gesture by grabbing his groin in a shocking video that has emerged amid the kiss controversy

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has once again found himself facing severe backlash, this time for a gesture during the celebration of the Women’s World Cup victory.

Previously criticized for kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the medal ceremony after Spain’s 1-0 win against England, Rubiales has now come under scrutiny for a different action.

He was observed grabbing his groin while participating in the celebration.

These controversial actions have led to increased condemnation of Rubiales and intensified the criticism surrounding his behavior during the Women’s World Cup triumph.

Hermoso was asked about the incident during an Instagram video shortly afterwards and said she “didn’t like” the moment.

The country’s acting Equality Minister Irene Montero slammed the football chief’s actions, saying: “We shouldn’t assume that kissing someone without their consent is something ‘that happens’.

“It’s a form of sexual violence women suffer regularly and up until now invisibly that we cannot normalise.”

Spain’s Acting Minister of Social Rights Iona Belarra added: “What we all think. If they do this with the whole country watching, what won’t they do in private.

“Sexual violence against women has to stop.”

Despite the uproar, Rubiales defended his bizarre actions as he hit out at ‘idiots’.

“The kiss with Jenni?” He said when questioned onRadio Marca. “There are idiots everywhere.

“When two people have an insignificant show of affection, we cannot pay attention to idiocy. We are champions, and with that, I stay.”

He’s facing more criticism after a clip of him celebrating inappropriately next to Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter Sofia emerged online.

A video shows him grabbing his groin and thrusting his private parts towards the Spain players during a wild celebration from the stands after the final whistle had blown.

Queen Letizia and her young daughter were stood next to him when he made his obscene gesture.

A picture of him kissing Olga Carmona, who scored the game’s only goal, on the cheek also surfaced on social media.

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