The difference between Dominik Szoboszlai & Luis Diaz Liverpool pre-seasonlactate test

A video circulating on social media has captured the contrasting performances of Liverpool’s new signing, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Luis Diaz during the club’s annual pre-season lactate test.

The footage suggests that Szoboszlai appeared more at ease and comfortable compared to Diaz during the test.

Liverpool’s lactate test has gained some recognition, with James Milner previously being regarded as the standout performer, winning the test in all eight seasons he was at the club.

The test has become a talking point among football fans each summer as the Liverpool squad competes in it upon their return to pre-season training.

What is Liverpool’s lactate test?

The lactate test consists of the players running at different paces and intervals, and then at each interval, their blood is taken to determine the levels of lactic acid they have. If the level is too high, they drop out of the test, then the last man standing is the winner.

On Tuesday, Dominik Szoboszlai, Liverpool’s new signing, participated in his first lactate test, and a video clip of him running effortlessly quickly gained traction and became viral.

In contrast, Luis Diaz seemed to be struggling during the test.

The impressive display by Szoboszlai sparked numerous discussions among fans on Twitter, who were impressed by the performance of their new Hungarian acquisition.

The video generated excitement and anticipation among supporters, who expressed their enthusiasm for Szoboszlai’s potential impact at the club.

Video: Szoboszlai impresses during lactate test

One fan said that Szoboszlai was in ‘beast mode’, posting: “Nevermind Diaz, look at Mac Allister bailing out at the back. Liverpool do an extreme pre-season! Robbo recently said he got sick during his first lactate test. Szoboszlai will be fit to start the first pre-season game, though, by the looks of it. He’s already in beast-mode.”

Another fan said: “We need that Leipzig staff and training system. Every player that comes from there is a beast that’s insane !!!”

One fan also praised his mentality: “I think Szobo knew he had to set an example as it’s his first day. Great mentality!”

One fan pointed out that it wasn’t just Diaz that was struggling: “Singling out Diaz when Trent, Mac, and Jota had already given up.”

A fan even claimed that the new man doesn’t even seem ‘real’: “I thought Trent took time off his holiday to come back in his best shape possible and Szobo’s absolutely destroyed all the competition around him? This guy doesn’t seem real.”

In Szoboszlai’s group was Alexis Mac Allister, Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz, Cody Gakpo, and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Szoboszlai was the last man standing of his group, a real achievement considering he is up against several players who have taken part in the test before.

In the top three of their group, Luis Diaz and Cody Gakpo finished behind Dominik Szoboszlai during the lactate test.

In Liverpool’s recently released “Inside Access” video, Szoboszlai expressed that he found the test to be challenging but beneficial. He also shared his affinity for running, which is likely to resonate positively with Liverpool fans.

When asked if it was easy, his reply was: “No comment.”

Indeed, Dominik Szoboszlai will be eager to make a strong impression early on to secure his spot in the team, especially with increased competition in the midfield following the signing of Mac Allister.

Liverpool fans might have the opportunity to witness Szoboszlai in action during the team’s friendly match against Karlsruher on Wednesday, July 19th.

This could serve as their first glimpse of the new signing showcasing his skills and integrating into the Liverpool squad.

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