The footage of Jadon Sancho and Phil Foden playing in Manchester City’s youth team highlights the difference in their mentalities

One reason suggested by Manchester City fans for Jadon Sancho’s difficulties at Manchester United is his behavior as a youth team winger at City, which they have highlighted.

Although Sancho, who began his career with Watford at seven, was transferred to Old Trafford for a massive fee of £74.6 million in 2021, he has so far only scored seven Premier League goals in 44 appearances. It is worth noting that he joined City at the age of 15, for a sum of around £66,000.

While at Manchester City’s academy, Sancho’s impressive performances earned him a chance to play for the first team, but a dispute over his playing time led to his exclusion from the 2017 pre-season tour. This ultimately resulted in Sancho pursuing a move to Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

Despite Sancho not being able to make it to the first team, one of his teammates, Phil Foden, did.

Both Sancho and Foden played together in the U18s team, where they combined for 23 goals and 10 assists during the 2016/17 season.

However, during one match, Sancho was replaced by Foden, but he refused to shake hands with his teammate, which some fans have highlighted as a poor attitude that could be contributing to his current struggles at Manchester United.

Here is what fans have had to say…

@ErlingRole: This is why Foden has made it to the top and Sancho struggling on United’s bench.

@AnthonyAshton1: That and Foden is 5 times the player.

@MasokoWarrior: He’s been soft from early.

@JAYD_1988: Sancho gives me Cancelo vibes with their egos and attitudes. Honestly they’re in a crazy privileged position and the amount of them who waste their opportunities with bad attitudes is insane. Dele Ali had the world at his feet.

@Roberto5l: Cringe.

@3500forthegoat: People like Martinelli, Mitoma, Foden and Saka will go straight to the very top on attitude alone talk less of their quality.

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